Latest promotions and tournaments in Azartplay Casino

Action 60 free spins winter surfers

Winter outside and in a casino Azartplein as always Sunny and fun! Don't miss up to 60 free spins in the game Wild Water for even more of this hot game!

Share "pet Day"

30 Nov funny animals will bring players Azartplein not only joy, but also many free spins Deposit!

The series is "Preparing for winter!"

From 24 to 26 November Azartplein launches a series of exciting tournaments 500 free spins in each competition!

Action - Output

Rest in casino Azartplein every Sunday in November and get 50% Deposit bonus!

Championship "Brazilian race"

Don't miss gambling the championship price of 50,000 rubles 10 Nov casino Azartplein!

Event - Hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy

Discover new horizons of the gambling world from 4 to 7 November with an exciting Azartplein!

Share "Sweet potion"

Witch already got the most beautiful broom to celebrate Halloween! Join them, not to be left without the bonus spins!

Event "Drank good luck"

From 26 to 24 October Azartplein gives up to 88 free spins in the slot Dead or Alive for the Deposit!

Action "Money tree"

Don't miss the gift up to 100 spins in the game Jack And The Beanstalk!

The championship of "50 000 from Columbus"

October 13 casino Admiral launches a new competition for speed! Outstrip all rivals and win 50 000 rubles!

The action "chain Letters"

From 6 to 9 October to replenish the account would be much better! Give 50% bonus for every player!

The action "Open lesson"

3-5 October all casino players Azartplay waiting dozens of spins in the game Poisoned Apple!

The promotion "100 free spins briliantovyj"

From September 29 to October 2 of each hunter of winnings is waiting for diamond to 100 free spins!

The promotion "free Spins from the Secretary,"

From 15 to 18 September casino Azartplein celebrates Secretary's Day and gives all players up to 50 free spins in Dead or Alive

The "Battle of the beauties"

Choose the most beautiful heroine of slot machines casino Azartplein and get 50 free spins!

Share "Hell spins"

Get 100 hell-profitable free spins in the slot of Hell sBand Deposit!

Event "Starfall spins"

From 29 to 31 August to give 30, 50 and 100 freespins for deposits in the game Starburst!

Championship "gold mine"

Don't miss the fascinating championship with a price of 50,000 rubles! Get ahead of the other participants and take the whole prize Fund!

The action "three-Liter jar spins"

From August 22 to 24, give from 30 to 100 freespins for Deposit in the colorful slots Fruity Frost and The Stars'n!

The action "100 biker free spins"

Don't miss up to 100 free spins in the game Motorhead Deposit from 15 to 17 August!

Promotion "50 free spins from the bandits"

From 11 to 14 August Azartplein casino gives 50 free spins for a Deposit in the most exciting slots about pirates and cowboys!

Championship "FizKult-Ura"

11 August starts the championship of slots that will bring the winner of 50,000 rubles!

The promotion "100 free spins hop"

From 4 to 6 August Azartplein casino gives up to 100 free spins hop in the game Patrick sPub!

Cup "offshore racing"

Show class in our new championship game of slots and win 100 000 roubles!

Share "Apple spins"

Don't miss a hundred free spins for Deposit of the game Poisoned Apple from 21 to 23 July!

Share "a Successful party"

Don't miss from 30 up to 100 free spins as a gift in the game Diego Fortune!

The promotion "free Spins from planet of the apes"

From 14 to 16 July the Admiral casino gives up to 100 free spins in the game Crazy Monkey! Do the two terms of the action and spin the reels for free!

Share "Midsummer-Greeter"

Don't miss the prize up to 100 free spins in Magic Forest from 7 to 9 June in honor of the holiday of Ivan Kupala!

The promotion "100 free spins in space"

From 30 June to 2 July in slots Space Wars and Aliens Kang players Azartplein waiting for a nice bonus! Hurry up to activate from 30 to 100 free spins Deposit!

The promotion "100 free spins from brave Indians"

Don't miss the gift up to 100 spins in Wild Hunter! To activate the bonus, from 23 to 25 June.

The promotion "100 free spins for fortune seekers"

Don't miss up to 100 free spins in the new game Diego Fortune for a Deposit from 16 to 18 June!

Share "hot 100 free spins"

Don't miss from 30 up to 100 free spins Deposit online slot Hell's Band! To activate the bonus, from 13 to 15 June.

The promotion "100 free spins from mummies"

From 9 to 11 June casino players Azartplein is a mysterious gift from the Egyptian mummies! Get up to 100 freespins for Deposit in the popular game of the Booke of Ra!

Share "Country good spins"

Don't miss up to 100 free spins as a gift in the game Fruitteria from 2 to 4 June! Enrich your gaming account and spin the reels for free!

Casino Azartplein disrupted the record jackpot 16194000 rubles!

Slot machine Dead or Alive turned casino player Azartplein into the owner of a multimillion-dollar jackpot must pay a winning in amount of 16 194 000!

Share "Monkey vs turtles"

Don't miss the 50 free spins from funny monkeys slot machine Crazy Monkey or turtles from the game Kang Alience! To activate the free spins you on may 23, adding to the account.

The promotion "free Spins from the pink Panther"

From 19 to 21 may give the free spins games for deposits all fans of the game Crazy Gems!

The promotion "free Spins from Nefertiti and the Mona Lisa"

From 16 to 18 may, a special gift in honor of Museum Day, waiting for every player! Don't miss from 20 up to 100 free spins in the game Secret of Nefertiti for your first Deposit!

Event "black sea spins"

Endless sea, friendly dolphins, free spins and generous prizes – all this is waiting for casino players Azartplein from 12 to 14 may in the game Dolphin's Pearl!

Event "Encrypted free spins"

Offer to try on the role of Cypher and unravel secret codes for getting of dozens of gift spins! To participate in the action can be from 5 to 7 may.

The promotion "free Spins for solidarity"

1 through 4 may casino Azartia gives dozens of free spins for making a Deposit! Don't miss from 30 up to 100 free spins in slots Zeus Thunder, Patrick's Pub and The Money Game!

The action "100 mysterious free spins"

Replenish game account, 28 to 30 April and get up to 100 free spins from a mysterious witchy fun!

The promotion "100 free spins from Books Kong"

From 21 to 23 April each visitor Azartplein casino can get free spins in the slot Book of Ra! Make deposits and get from 20 up to 100 free spins!

Promotion "50 free spins from the snow"

From April 18 to 20 at the casino Azartplein like snowdrops, bloom free spins! Get a gift of 50 free spins for the usual Deposit!

The action "100 biker free spins"

Don't miss the gift up to 100 free spins with the 14 and 16th of April! Follow the only condition of the action, spin the reels for free and get more winnings!

Tournament "Booongo Spirit"

Don't miss the generous tournament "Booongo Spirit" with a prize Fund of 400 000 rubles! This competition for a maximum number of spins starts April 10 and runs until may 10.

The promotion "100 free spins for high flyers"

From 11 to 13 April we invite all players to go sailing for free spins! You are waiting for 100 free spins in the game Starburst!

The action "the Spring call for free spins"

Don't miss the special gift from St. Patrick's, from 30 up to 100 free spins! To activate the gift can be from 4 to 6 April!

Event "Melomania on 2500FS"

April 1 – the day of jokes, fun and dynamic competition for slots in the casino Azartplein! Participate in a series of Sunday tournaments to win hundreds of free spins!

Event "Armor Of Excitement"

24, 25 and 26 March Azartplein casino gives up to 100 free spins in gambling game Book of Ra Deluxe 6! Make a Deposit and get your present!

Share "Trip to 30 free spins"

From March 21 to 23, we offer you to make a trip on the virtual taxi Azartplein casino and get 30 free spins in the game the Bucks!

The Lottery "Children Of Passion"

From March 15 to the casino, launched an ambitious Azartplein lottery with a prize Fund of 1,500,000 rubles! This game is created for true thrill seekers, because as the main prize among the participants will be played on legendary bike Harley-Davidson!

The series "women's whims"

Just on March 8 each player casino Azartplein have a unique chance to compete for the title of winner in the series of festive events! The total prize Fund of the competition is 2500 free spins!

Share "a Holiday bouquet on a 100FS"

Casino Azartplein made an incredible bouquet of free spins in honor of the upcoming holiday! Don't miss from 30 to 100 gift spins for Deposit from 7 to 9 March!

Action "30 free spins wild"

Give 30 free spins in this exciting slots Taiga WildHunter or Deposit! To activate the gift can be from 3 to 5 March.

Championship "Admiral Excitement"

"Admiral Excitement" is a vigorous competition for the most active and fast, which starts on February 23. Go through the five stages of the championship, the first to become the owner of 50,000 rubles!

Event "Naval battle"

Play battleship casino Azartplein February 23 and will receive from 30 to 100 gift spins in the online slot Lucky Pirates!

The series is "Crazy day"

February 23, casino Azartplein made not one, but five tournaments, which will be held every 2 hours starting at 15.00! The winners of the tournaments will be divided between a 2500 free spins!

Action "30 criminal freespins"

Give 30 free spins in honor of the birthday of John Travolta! Execute condition of the action from 17th to 19th February and get a gift free spins!

Share "50 shades of spins"

Don't miss 50 gift free spins in winning the bright shades! Take advantage of this bonus from 10 to 12 February!

The promotion "free Spins for the day bartender"

With only 3 to 5 February don't miss the 30 free spins as a gift in honor of a bartender!

Action "30 free spins frosty"

From 31 January to 2 February casino players Azartplein wait 30 hot free spins in the game Crazy Gems! Deposit your account and take your gift!

The action "no Deposit bonus Thursday"

On 26 January we are giving away five busdepot in the amount of 1000 rubles among the most attentive players! The draw will take place on the Youtube channel casino Azartplein at 21:00 Moscow time.

The action "hug Day"

Don't miss a special present from casino Admiral on the hug day! Make a Deposit of 2100 rubles on January 20 and get 30 free spins in the slot machine Dracula's Family!

Action "Spins to the Old new year"

Make deposits from 13 to 15 January and get 30 free spins as a gift from the funny monkey from Crazy Monkey games or fun cock from Kailash Mystery machine!

The promotion "free Spins for the holiday everyday"

Decorate the gray days of the festive atmosphere from 10 to 12 January. Only these days a Deposit of 1,500 rubles is guaranteed to bring 30 free spins in the game The Money Game!

Share "Truck of gifts"

Make deposits to the casino Azartplein and get up to 120 free spins gift! The offer is valid until 8 January.

The action "Seeing the old year"

Only 30 and December 31 every casino player Azartplein can get 20 free spins in the game Merry Christmas and another 16 spins Book of Ra!

The promotion "free Spins instead of the corporate"

The snowfall of new year gifts in casino Azartplein continues! Don't miss the 30 free spins as a gift of the game Crazy Monkey for the Deposit is from 23 to 25 December!

The promotion "free Spins and the tree in the bargain"

From 16 to 18 December, the Deposit in the amount of 2100 rubles will award 50 free spins in the Taiga each player casino Azartplein!

Action "playing in the snow"

Take part in the new campaign Azartplein to get one of the best gifts! From 13 to 15 December for deposits get 30 free spins in the game Secret of Nefertiti or 30% Deposit bonus!

The action "Day of football"

Celebrate football Day casino Azartplein to get up to 90 free spins gift! The period of validity of the promotion: from 9 to 11 December.

Share "Smash the thunder"

Get 30 free spins in a slot machine, Zeus Thunder for the Deposit! Period of promotion: from 6th to 8th December.

Promotion "50 free spins from Santa"

Casino Azartplein gifts can be obtained not only for the New year! Refill your account with 2 to 4 December to receive a gift of 50 free spins in the Christmas slot, Merry Christmas!

Lottery "Apple juice"

It's time for a new year of surprises and gifts! Participate in the lottery "Apple juice" from 1 to 29 December, in order to get a brand new iPhone 7, MacBook Pro, or a thick stack of crisp bills!

Draw 7500000 rubles in tournaments "Christmas Regesta"!

New Porsche Macan Turbo and a valuable cash gifts are already waiting for their happy owners! Take part in a series of new year tournaments in casino Admiral from 25 November to 4 December to fulfill his dream!

The promotion "free Spins from friends"

From 22 to 24 November Azartplein casino gives free spins for making a Deposit! Get your 30 free spins in slots Book of Ra or Lucky Lady's Charm!

Share "Frozen spins"

Deposit the amount of 1500 rubles, from 16 to 17 November to defrost a gift of 30 spins in a juicy fruity slot machine Fruity Frost!

Event "brutal free spins"

Join new casino promotions Azartplein November 4 and 5 to get 60 brutal free spins from the Hulk! Follow the only condition to activate the gift of rotation.

Action "30 free spins from Zombies"

Zombies still celebrating Halloween at the casino Azartplein and give players more odien a generous gift of 30 free spins in the slot Zombirthday! To take this gift can be from 1 to 3 November.

Event "Coven"

Don't miss the witch's generous gift in honor of the upcoming Halloween! Refill your account for 2,700 rubles from 28 to 30 October and get 30 free spins in the game Halloween Witch!

Share "Sea spins"

Don't miss as much as 50 free spins as a gift in the game Dolphin's Pearl! To activate spins make a Deposit of 2100 rubles from 25 to 27 October!

Championship "Eureka"

21 October is the most active casino player Azartplein will be awarded with new smartphone iPhone 7 Plus! Follow the conditions of the championship faster than anyone to become the winner!

The campaign "Be online"

Come to our casino at a certain time from 18 to 20 October and receive a generous besday, bonus coupons and free spins!

Share "Thunder freespins"

The brightest news from Booongo again will bring generous gifts to their fans! Participate in new shares Azartplein from 14 to 16 October and win almost 80 free spins in the latest online slot machines!

Won the jackpot on the slot machine Crazy Monkey

A monkey from Crazy Monkey made richer single-player casino Azartplein, bringing the lucky jackpot of $ 72000 rubles!

Action "fire-breathing 50 free spins"

Casino Azartplein made 50 free spins for every fan of online slots Kailash Mystery! Execute condition of the action from 11 to 13 October and spin the reels for free!

Share "Hunters vs. aliens"

Don't miss new gifts from Azartplein from 7 to 9 October! During this period, each player can become the owner of 30 free spins in the latest novelties of the Aliens Kang and Hunting Party!

Tournament "BooongoShot"

Don't miss the exciting tournament by slots, games-the participants of which presented the freshest novelties from Booongo, and the prize Fund is 60,000 rubles! The competition for the best ratio of winning to bet will be held from 4 to 9 October.

The action "Autumn spins from the Hulk"

Don't miss the gift of 30 free spins slot the Incredible Hulk slot from 30 September to 2 October, to raise my mood in autumn days!

Share "Catching bonuses"

From 27 to 29 September, each player casino Azartplein have the opportunity to acquire three bonuses that could yield up to 60, 000 benefits! Catch bonuses and enjoy your favorite game!

The action "Gifts from cowboys and Indians"

Don't miss the special gifts from the cowboys and Indians from 23 to 25 September! Only these days, each player will have a 30% bonus and 30 free spins as a gift in the game Book of Ra Deluxe 6!

Tournament "The Wild West"

Meet another event of the series "the Magnificent seven", which will be held from 16 to 25 September! In the tournament, "Wild West" will be awarded 200,000 rubles!

Share "scissor Hands"

From 13 to 15 September casino Azartia gives 30 gift spins Family Dracula to anyone who makes a Deposit of 2100 rubles, or more!

Event "Gambling and order"

From 6 to 8 September, each player has a chance to win up to 110 free spins casino Azartplein! Make deposits at 2100 RUB. for each day in the promotional period so as not to miss any free spins!

Promotion "50 free spins oil"

Celebrate the Day of oil workers in the casino Azartplein from 2 to 4 September and get 50 free spins on the game Lucky Lady's Charm!

Played 2000 000 in a series of tournaments "the Magnificent seven"

Don't miss the magnificent seven exciting tournaments with a total prize Fund of 2000 000! The winner of the tournament will be awarded 600 000! The competition will start September 1!

Action "student 50 free spins"

In honor of the beginning of the school year Azartplein casino gives 50 free spins for every player! Follow the condition of the promotion from 30 August to 1 September and get free spins gift!

The action "hunting 50 free spins"

From 26 to 28 August in casino Azartplein off the hunt for free spins! Deposit amount 2100 rubles or more and get 50 free spins on the game Wild Hunter!

Share "watermelon 50 free spins"

From 23 to 25 August in the gambling market slot machine "the Market" don't even need to haggle to get a nice bonus! Deposit for 1500 rubles and get 50 free spins!

Event "Wrestling club"

Join the new promotions and daily from August 19, bet on the amount of 6500 rubles in the game Thunder Zeus. The one who will fulfill this condition for as many days, will be awarded 10000 RUB. from casino Azartplein!

Promotion "50 free spins on the day of the photographer"

From 19 to 21 August in honor of the photographer Azartplein casino gives players 50 free spins in the game Happy Jungle! Refill your account for 2100 RUB. in the days of the campaign and take your gift!

Promotion "50 free spins from the Hulk"

From 12 to 14 August gifts the casino gives Azartplein the Incredible Hulk! Perform the condition and receive 50 free spins from this green monster!

Action "30 extra free spins as a gift"

From 9 to 11 August, casino Azartplein opens the hunt for free spins! Follow the terms of the action and get a gift of 30 free spins in Bumper Crop!

Event "Pokemonskij free spins"

From 5 to 7 August Azartplein casino will be giving away free spins for your deposits! And you do not even need to catch the pokemon. Join in and win up to 90 free spins!

Tournament "Augustine"

Don't miss that big event price 300 000 1 to August 31! Take part and show the maximum ratio of winning to bet to become one of the 20 lucky owners of cash gifts!

Share "Three gifts from the Marines"

Brave paratroopers prepared gifts for the brave gamblers casino Azartplein! Go to our website 2, 3 and 4 August at 18.00 Moscow to participate in the bonus raffle coupons, busdepot and spins in Sky Way!

Share "Two guns – two presents"

Spend the last days of August with benefit for your purse! Replenish game account 30 and 31 July, to become the owners of 30 free spins in the game Wild Hunting and catch a big catch in the casino Azartplein!

The promotion "free Spins of ice and fire"

Slot machine, Zeus Thunder, and Frosty Fruits will make the upcoming weekend a special one! Participate in new promotions, to get 30 free spins in one of these new products!

The promotion "free Spins for skydivers"

From 26 to 28 July Azartplein casino gives each player 30 free spins in the game Burlesque Queen! Follow the terms of the action and get your present!

Promotion "50 free spins for relaxation"

Don't miss 50 gift spins in Crazy Monkey this weekend! Execute condition of the action, from 22 to 24 July, spin the reels for free and win real money!

Lottery "gentlemen's Club"

Casino Azartplein launches a unique lottery for real gentlemen! Accumulate lottery tickets from 18 to 31 July, to touch to the prize pool of 1000 000 rubles!

Action "Gold dragons"

From 19 to 21 July 30 gift free spins in the game Kailash Mystery will help to collect the most gold wins! Follow the terms of the action and take your gift!

Share "Sand castles"

From 15 to 17 July, every player who have made a Deposit on 2100 roubles, waiting for the gift of 50 free spins in the game slot Booke of Ra!

Share "Candy spins"

From 12 to July 14, players can get 30 free spins in a colorful fruity slots! Deposit 1,000 rubles and take your gift!

Tournament "Steering"

All fans of roulette are invited to a new tournament for the best payout with prize money of 75,000 rubles! The start of the competition on 11 July.

Promotion "50 free spins for Golden goal"

Don't miss new gift from the casino Azartplein from 8 to 10 July! Make a Deposit of 1500 rubles in any promotional day and receive 50 free spins in Book of Ra game free!

Action "fire 50 free spins"

In honor of the summer solstice Azartplein casino gives 50 free spins in the game Sizzling Hot Quatro for every player! Follow the only condition of the campaign on 6 and 7 July and take your present!

Action "summer spins"

Get up to 60 gift spins in the machine Bumper Crop for your casino Deposit Azartplein! To participate in the action can be from 1 to 3 July.

Event "Hat-trick on 90 free spins"

Only from 28 to 30 June in the casino Azartplein each player will have up to 90 free spins gift! Follow the terms of the action and spin the reels for free!

Share "Football spins from Pele"

Only from 24 to 26 June for a Deposit on 2100 roubles, we will credit each player as many as 50 free spins in the slot machine Book of Ra Deluxe 6!

Event "Twelfth player"

Become the "twelfth player" Azartplein casino to spin the reels of this slot Crazy Monkey for free! Execute condition of the action from 21 to 23 June and get 30 free spins gift!

The promotion "free Spins from beauties"

Don't miss up to 60 free spins from the charming beauties from 17 to 19 June! Deposit in the amount of 2100 rubles and spin the reels in the game Burlesque Queen or Riches of Cleopatra for free!

Share "Spicy pass"

From June 14 to June 16, each player Azartplein can get 30 free spins in the online slot Resident! Read the details of the action to not miss out on your gift!

The tournament, "OLE-OLE-OLE"

Don't miss the large-scale tournament in a casino Azartplein dedicated to all football fans and the European Championship! Thirty players who show the best profit in slots 10 through June 30, will share the prize Fund in amount of 300 000 rubles!

The "Hunting for hunt"

From 11 to 13 June, we invite you to hunt for new wins, and at the same time to shoot the bonus loot in the form of a hundreds of free spins! Follow the terms of the action and get free spins in the machines Hunting and Wild Hunting!

Event "Tibetan spins"

From 7 to 9 June at the casino Azartplein you can conquer not only luck, but also Tibet! 50 free spins in the online slot Kailash Mystery waiting for all who will be able to do it!

Tournament "Ah Yes Pushkin!"

From June 3 to 8 the casino Azartplein will be an exciting tournament-all around! The most active players will share the prize Fund in the amount of 100 000 rubles!

Action "teenage mutant ninja Turtles"

With only 3 to 5 June each player can get 50 free spins in the online slot machine Aliens Kang as a gift from the ninja turtles! Find out how to do it in the details of the action.

Action "30 free spins from Alice"

Don't miss 30 free spins in an online slot machine Alice in Wonderland may 31-June 2! The gift will be available to any player that made a Deposit of 1000 rubles.

Share "Pearl free spins"

Don't miss pearl 50 free spins from the generous dolphins online Dolphin's Pearl slot machine! To receive a gift after fulfilling the conditions of the promotion from may 27 to 29.

Tournament "the Light head"

From 25 may to 1 June Azartplein casino launches an exciting tournament-all around! Five best participants will share a prize pool of 50,000 rubles!

Action "Gold Mining"

From 24 to 26 may Deposit in the amount of 2100 rubles we give 30 free spins in the game The Money Game each player!

Action "Golden hockey stick"

Casino Azartplein have prepared a new gift in honor of the ice hockey world Championship! Hurry up to get your 50 free spins from 20 to 22 may!

Share "Shining gifts"

From 19 to 22 may of the active online players are waiting for 80 gift spins in some of the most exciting casino slot machines Azartplein!

The action "Night at the Museum"

A Deposit of 1,500 rubles will bring each player a nice present from 17 to 18 may! Fund your account and get 30 free spins in the inimitable Book of Ra game!

Share "40 free spins from the may macho"

Only 13 to 15 may Asapple casino gives free spins for your deposits! Follow the terms of the action and get 40 free spins in the Spirits of the Aztecs!

Share "Everyday bonus"

A nice bonus to do the dull routine of any player from 10 to 12 may! Deposit from 650 rubles and more, and we will credit you up to 25% bonus extra!

The action "no Deposit bonus up to 1945руб!"

Don't miss your no Deposit bonus casino Azartplein specially in honor of Victory Day! The bonus is available to players with a total Deposit of 6500 rubles or higher.

Action "mobile 150 free spins

Win up to 150 free spins in the famous casino slots Azartplein, taking part in the holiday event from 7 to 9 may!

Event "71 freespin Victory Day!"

Participate in special casino promotions Azartplein to get 71 free spins in the popular slot slots! The campaign will last from may 6 to 9.

Winning the tournament for 75,000 rubles

On the eve of the Victory Day in the casino Azartplein will host a 5-day tournament, 20 participants who will share 75,000 rubles! Complete all five tasks from 5 to 8 may to be a winner!

Action "Flying battalion"

Join in the flying battalion of casino Azartplein from 4 to 6 may to enjoy free spins on the exciting slot SKY WAY and to conquer new heights of gambling the world!

Promotion "50 free spins to may day!"

Don't miss 50 free spins in the online slot Fruits N Stars as a spring gift for the may holidays! Become the owner of the gift can be from 1 to 3 may!

Action "1500 rubles from the swallows"

Don't miss the cash gift from the swallows in the casino Azartplein from 26 to 28 April! Just two simple conditions – the gift and the money will be in your account!

The action "20 free spins dreamy"

Dream of summer during gift 20 free spins on the slot machine Sizzling Hot Quatro! To this spring the gift can be from 22 to 24 April.

Action "Bonuses on the Day of self-government"

For the confident and responsible players from 19 to 21 April at the casino Azartplein new promo! Join now to get a 50% bonus on your Deposit!

Share "40 green spins"

Hurry up to get a special spring gift from casino Azartplein! 40 free spins slot machine Hulk waiting for each player from 15 to 17 April!

Event "90 the space of the spins"

Join the space casino promotions Azartplein to get up to 90 free spins in the Egyptian Book of Ra game fantastic X-Men and space machine Space Corsairs from 12 to 14 April!

Tournament "Open space"

Join the special tournament dedicated to the cosmonautics day, to become a proud owner of 15,000 rubles and other precious gifts from the prize pool of 50,000 rubles! The competition for the highest ratio of winning to bet will be held April 12.

Event "Tempers your account"

Pamper your account special bonuses from Azartplein! Get up to 50% bonus on Deposit from 8 to 10 April in honor of world health day!

Gambling photo contest

Casino Azartplein kicks off photo contest for the true connoisseurs of online slots! Send photos to your smartphone or tablet, done in unusual places and win 2000 rubles real money!

Event "Excavations at 40FS"

Celebrate the day of archaeologists and geologists in a casino Azartplein together with the portion of free spins! From 5 to 7 April each player will be available 40 free spins in the game slot Book of Ra or Treasures of Tombs!

Lottery "Highway" with a prize Fund 1100000 rubles

Take part in the Grand prize draw from the casino Azartplein 1 through April 29 and win a brand new motorcycle and cash gifts from the prize pool 1100000 rubles!

Action "Summer convertible"

Want to drive a brand new car this summer? Join the big draw "Summer convertible" and win your own Mercedes or big cash prizes for a total amount of 750,000 rubles!

Action "30 FS in day of laughter"

Only 1 to 3 April in honor of April fool's day for each player in the casino Azartplein prepared with 30 free spins! Don't miss out!

Action "30 extra free spins"

Superheroes are made for each player 30 free spins in the online slot X-Men! Take part in action from 29 to 31 March and collect your bonuses!

Share "Full moon – full points"

Get ready for new thrills and triple the portions are bonus points! Only from 26 to 27 March the game on our new online slot Full Moon Fortunes will bring 30% more points!

Action "book 60 free spins"

Look to us for a visit from 25 to 27 March, make a Deposit in the amount of 1750 rubles and get 60 free spins in this exciting slot Books!

Share "Vampires in orbit"

Get 20 free spins in the thrilling video slot Space Corsairs, recently expanded its collection of casino Azartplein! To participate in the campaign and get free spins can be from 22 to 27 March.

Action "25 free spins from taxi drivers"

Celebrate the day of the taxi driver in Azartplein casino and get 25 free spins! To activate the free spins can be from 22 to 24 March.

Share "Mystery 20 free spins"

Participate in new casino promotions Azartplein not to miss special gifts! Daily until March 31, each player will have 20 free spins in the slot Book of Ra 6!

Share "Deposit is equal to bonus"

Casino Azartplein prepared to 22500 rubles as a gift for deposits made on the day of the vernal equinox! Join the action on March 20 and get your bonus!

Tournament "The Pearl Of Passion"

Don't miss this unique festive game at casino Azartplein, which will be held from 5 to 10 March in honor of the upcoming women's day! We have prepared the hottest online slots and gifts in the amount of 50,000 rubles!

Heroic weekend with Iron Man

In honor of the new hero the game collection casino Azartplein we will give all players three times the amount of bonus points! Just play slot machine Iron Man 3 on 27 and 28 February and get 30% more points!

Action "Spring with monkeys!"

Only from 26 to 28 February bonus points in the slot machine "Crazy Monkey" can be exchanged for free spins! Collect 300 points and receive 30 free spins!

Event "Men's spins men's day!"

I hasten to congratulate all men with the upcoming holiday and surprise with pleasant gifts! Only on February 23, Azartia casino play 30 free spins from generous monkey online slot Crazy Monkey!

Tournament Agenda

Casino Azartplein announces a call for participants in an exciting tournament Agenda. To fight for the title of winner will be from 16 to 23 February, and as gifts are waiting for you 10 cash prizes in the amount of 50,000 rubles!

Event "Bask spins"

Only 16 to 18 of February of each player depositing 1000 rubles, will find a nice bonus – 10 free spins slot machine Chukcha!

Action "30 freespins for him and her"

Only from 12 to 14 February every player casino Azartplein have the opportunity to present from the Valentine! Earn 500 points on slots, participating in the action, and get 30 free spins in honor of Valentine's day!

Tournament "Vitaminization"

We invite all fans of fresh fruit to fight for the victory in the vitamin casino tournament Azartplein from 3 to 7 February! Surround yourself with juicy vitamins and cash prizes in the amount of 30,000 rubles!

Event "Bullfinch Rowan, players – free spins!"

Don't miss up to 60 free spins in the slot game Lucky Birds with a 2 by 4 Feb! How to appease a mischievous birdies and get these bonuses, read the details of the action.

Kvestrum "Around The World"

Krugosvetnoe take a unique journey through the gambling sites online casino Azartplein to win a quadcopter and other gifts from a prize Fund of 150,000 rubles!

Get 2000 rubles for your favorite game!

Only on 29 and 30 January, the usual spinning of the reels in your favorite slots can bring an additional 2,000 rubles to any player! Follow the terms of the stock gift and take the money!

Share "credit for the 100 free spins"

Only from 26 to 29 Jan, each player can dive into the College years and to pass a test in a casino Azartplein! And along the lines, we have prepared a generous set of bonuses and 100 free spins exciting slot machines!

The tournament roulette at 50,000 rubles

Introducing hot tournament for the best payout, to participate in which can every fan of roulette! Show the best result in their favorite form of gambling from 20 to 30 January and win one of the prizes in the amount of 50,000 rubles!

The action "Gift of 20 free spins"

Give 20 freespins to all fans of slots Aquatica, and Dolphin's Pearl! Run the activation conditions of a present from 19 to 22 January and spin the reels for free!

Tournament "snow castle"

Offer to return a substantial part of the funds lost in 2015! Just take part in a special tournament and become one of 6 winners!

Free spins from the Snow Queen

The new portion of the gift will help curb luck in the coming year. Participate in a special promotion from 9 to 11 January and win up to 90 free spins!

Tournament "Ski race" for 30,000 rubles!

Take part in this festive competition for slots from 9 to 11 January, follow the discipline of competition and earn from 5,000 to 10,000 rubles!

30 FS from Santa Claus

A special gift from Santa Claus is waiting for all casino players Azartplein from 4 to 6 January! Don't miss 30 freespins in the new year!

Snow tournament for 30,000 rubles

Celebrate the holidays at casino Azartplein and win one of the cash gifts in the amount of 30,000 rubles!

The promotion "Christmas comes with gifts"

In honor of the impending holidays I want to please all players once! Don't miss the coupon for 50% bonus and 1000 real money!

Slot machine Book of Ra won the jackpot in the amount of 1.3 million rubles!

I hasten to congratulate the very lucky player who managed to win more than million in casino Azartplein! Become a millionaire jackpot winner helped slot machine Book of Ra!

Win your iPhone in the tournament "Winter apples"!

Join the hunt for a brand new smartphone in the tournament "Winter apples" and win one of three iPhone!

Event "reindeer driven FS"

Get ready for a new new year promotion, and a fresh portion of free spins in the casino Azartplein! Don't miss 50 free spins in the holiday slot, Merry Christmas!

Citrus tournament for 50000 rubles

We invite all fans of citrus to participate in the new year tournament at online slots from 16 to 18 December! The prizes in this competition, you can not buy one box of oranges!

Action "Snow bonus"

Only 3 days, from 15 to 18 December 2015, a casino Azartia gives a nice bonus! Enrich your gaming account and get up to 20, or from 30 to 50% of the Deposit!

Let crab take 50,000 rubles!

Show the exact game on the roulette and win 15,000 rubles and other cash amounts from the prize pool of 50,000 rubles!

Throw snowballs and get up to 90 free spins!

Participate in winter action casino Azartplein from 11 to 13 December and win 90 free spins!

Tournament "Persimmon 50,000 rubles"

We invite casino players Azartplein to participate in a special "vitamin" tournament "Persimmon 50,000 rubles"! Achieve the highest ratio of benefits to rates from 8 to 13 December and disassemble cash gifts!

Gold lottery for 1,500,000 rubles!

Get ready for a chic Christmas raffle in the casino Azartplein! Earn raffle tickets 1 to December 31 and win an iPhone, iPad, generous a sum of money or a real gold bar!

Share "New games – new free spins!"

While the players from your favorite team try not to miss any goals, we suggest you not to miss a single free spin! Participate in new shares and receive up to 180 free spins!

Get your BMW X6 in the New year!

New year, champagne, new BMW... That dream casino Azartplein you can make a reality! Participate in special new year's tournament from 25 November 2015 to 10 January 2016 and win new crossover and large sums of money from the prize Fund 6000 000!

Championship "The Executioner"

Casino Azartplein prepared 100 000 for the most powerful player! Participate in our championship 18 Nov, go through all the steps first, and this tidy sum will be yours!

The action "no Deposit bonus – the best compliment!"

Don't miss the delicious surprise from casino Azartplein! For the most active players we have prepared a no Deposit bonus of 650 RUB!

The tournament roulette "Money wind"

Don't miss this unique tournament roulette, the prize Fund which amounts to 150,000 rubles.! For the most accurate game from 16 to 30 November, more than a dozen participants will be awarded big cash prizes!

The action "Day of quality"

Celebrate the quality day along with casino AzartPlay from 10 to 13 November and receive a 100% bonus for most exciting and profitable game!

Event "brutal gift"

7 Nov casino Azartplein celebrates the men and handing out gifts! Don't miss your free spins and cash bonuses!

The promotion "free Spins for new wins"!

Take advantage of a 30 free spins gift to achieve a resounding victory! The promotion is valid only on 3 and 4 November.

The action "people's bonus 50%"

With only 3 to 5 November, any player Azartplein can get up to 18,000 rubles. in the form of a 50% bonus! To activate this gift three times in a row!

The action "Happy hour"

Only from 27 to 30 October don't miss happy hour at the casino Azartplein! Be online at 19.00 and receive free spins, bonus points and other gifts!

Share "Bananas, coconuts"

October 25 all casino players Azartplein on the slot machine Crazy Monkey will find a new surprise – 50 free spins! Take part in the action and take your free spins from the generous monkeys!

Tournament Tropicana

As many as 210 free spins await the winners of the new tournament at the finish line! Enjoy the most exciting summer games slots from 19 to 25 October and win free spins!

More spins from Big boss

Don't miss three days of casino bonus Azartplein! From 16 to 18 October every bet of $200 will bring free spins in the online slot Resident!

Share "Monkey points and free spins"

Earn bonus points Azartplein and win up to 60 free spins in an online slot machine Crazy Monkey from 13 to 15 October!

Tournament "Winter is coming"

New snowmobile, 60, 000 and other cash gifts are waiting for you in the tournament "Winter is coming"! Take part in this unique competition from 2 to 31 October and on show who deserve to win!

Don't miss the raffle of 500 000 in the lottery "Oktyabrina"!

Meet the mega-draw "Oktyabrina", the prize Fund which consists of 500 000 rubles! Accumulate lottery tickets from 2 to 31 October and receive stunning gifts!

Monkey gave a crazy jackpot!

This week the slot machine Crazy Monkey exceeded all expectations of one of our players, giving the lucky jackpot in the amount of 1 112 290 rubles!

Cool loop – 100% bonus

Get up to 20 000 bonus for deposits! Offer is only valid from 29 September to 1 October!

Velvet season points

Autumn continues to bring players to our casino pleasant surprises! From 25 to 27 September for all visitors Azartplein will operate double rate points!

Get 2000 rubles per game on the slots!

Only 25, 26 and 27 September for your favorite game, you can get extra money! Run for only two terms and conditions, and 2,000 rubles will be credited to your account!

Don't miss 30 free spins on online slot Book of Ra!

Again, I hasten to please fans of free spins! Take advantage of our new offer casino and get 30 free spins Egyptian on 24 September! The action applies to a slot machine Book of Ra.

Tournament "the Politeness of kings"

We invite you to show yourself in roulette in a special tournament on the accuracy, the prize Fund which amounts to 50,000 rubles! The competition will be held from September 20 to September 30.

Give 20 free spins or $ 20 real money!

From 18 to 20 September it takyimi gifts can get any player in our casino! And if you want to get everything at once, then get both! Read more promotions and learn how to do it.

30 free spins in the online slot Lucky Birds are waiting for all mobile players!

Fun birds flew into the bright company of online slot Lucky Birds to bring players Azartplein casino 30 free spins gift! The gift will be available from September 16 to 20, for all mobile players in our casino!

Will receive a generous portion of free spins in an online slot machine Book of Ra

From 15 to 17 September slot machine Book of Ra will reveal your treasure trove for all fans of the game in Egyptian! Participate in our promotions and get a lot of spins!

The Tournament "Gold"

Meet the gorgeous fall prizes worth 15000, 10000, 5000 rubles and other cash gifts from the prize pool of 50,000 rubles! The owners of this money will be the winners of the tournament "Golden", which clocked the maximum number of spins from 11 to 25 September!

Action "beauty and the beast"

Two completely different slot will bring you exactly the same bonuses from 8 to 10 September! Play online slots "the Incredible Hulk" or "Alice in Wonderland" and win up to 60 free spins!

"All fives!"

With the beginning of the school year every casino player Azartplein may get an unexpected "top five" for his gambling! Participate in new shares from 1 to 2 September, and 5,000 rubles will be yours!

100 days of summer – 200% bonus!

Only three day of the summer for all players Azartia has a special offer: take away 200% bonus from 28 to 30 August, to celebrate the coming autumn with a smile and money savings!

August 31 will be a lottery of 200,000 rubles in the lottery "Heat"!

A chance to win one of the prizes for a total amount of 200 000 rubles is not every day, and it still is every player casino Azartplein! Hurry up to get your lucky ticket!

Don't miss 50 free spins in The online slot'n Stars!

Love gifts? Then be with us from 25 to 26 August to receive 50 free spins at slot colorful fruit'n The Stars!

Receive 15 free spins on the slot machine Book of Ra as a gift!

Just this weekend, we will award you with 15 free spins on the famous ancient Egyptian slot casino Azartplein! Use your chance from 22 to 23 August and discover untold treasures slot machine Book of Ra!

Event "exit to Eden"

Propose to make the last days of summer in Paradise, composed of excitement, fun and profit! The new proposal Azartplein will definitely help you bring that bright idea! Take part in the campaign from 21 to 23 August and become the owner of 7,500 rubles!

The action "White strip of luck"

Only 18, 20 and 21 August, you can get unexpected gifts just for playing in our casino! Just be with us at 19.00 Moscow these days and take tripeny, besday or bonus points"!

The tournament "day of the archaeologist"

From August 14 to August 16 the most popular of the ancient Egyptian video slots will turn any online of the player in the real archaeologist! Gambling excavations in the framework of the tournament estimated prize Fund of 25,000 rubles!

Share "one-Armed bandit"

Only July 31, August 1 and 2 we give you real money for your winnings in the slot machines! Don't miss three happy days in Azartplein and get 7500 rubles!

Event "ACE in the hole"

Want get up to 7500 rubles, just loved playing poker? In the new shares on 27 and 28 July, your rates will be the trump card that will bring unexpected gifts of money!

Action "At the helm" for fans of roulette

Only on 29 and 30 July every fan of video roulette Azartplein can win up to 7500 rubles! Participate in our promotions, and gifts will not keep itself waiting long!

Participate in gambling race to 15000 rubles!

New championship Azartplein will help to stock up on hot with adrenaline for a long period of time, and also become the owner of 15 000 rubles!

Card tournament "the Queen of Spades"

Now's your chance, fans of card games! Compete in an online tournament card video slots and grab your piece of the generous prize Fund of 50,000 points!

The promotion "free Spins from the desert"

Meet the new action Azartplein especially for fans of online slot Book of Ra! Follow these two conditions, hot and 20 free spins will be yours!

Gift "of 500 rubles in cash"!

To refuse easy money is not easy. And it is not necessary! Casino Azartia gives you 500 rubles real because you are playing with us! Take part in the campaign, from 29 June to 3 July and do not miss your monetary gift!

Weekend is the time for great fishing!

Summer fishing casino Azartia is a unique opportunity to obtain free spins to the amount of 1000 rubles and catch the gold fish slot machine Aquatica! Read the details and don't miss our gift!

Tournament "the Egyptian force"

From 22 to 25 June 2015 in casino Azartplein will be a slot tournament on the maximum ratio of wins to bets. Become one of 20 winners, take a generous amount of bonus points!

The campaign "Season" to 50000 points!

New promotion in our casino will delight all fans of video roulette! Only from 15 to 21 June 2015 winnings in this game can bring a lot of bonus points !

Action "Happy ticket"

Winning the lottery is a dream for everyone. Now to fulfill your dreams possible and the casino Azartplein! Participate in the weekly lottery and win real money!

50 free spins to the Champions League final

Participate in a special promotion for all fans of excitement and football, and will receive 50 free spins as a gift!

Week casino bonus Azartplein!

Make deposits and get tangible benefits in Azartplay casino! Only 1 to 7 June 2015 we give 20% of the Deposit all our players!

Share "warm greetings from Santa Claus"

Each player online casino Azartplein can get free spins in the amount of 600 rubles! Follow the terms of the action – and the gift is yours! Hurry! Pick up this generous gift from Santa Claus only up to 12.00 Moscow on may 27!

The campaign "Breath of summer"

Our new campaign will help to prepare for hot summer days! Only until may 29, two simple conditions will bring each player up to $ 100 real money!

Receive a bonus up to $ 100 per Deposit!

Don't miss the new incentive with compliments for making deposits at the casino Azartplein! Only may 20 and 21, each player can get 100 bonus dollars!

Tournament "Hotter"

Want to regain 10% may lose? Such a chance is each new participant of the tournament "Hot"! Play to win and take your money back!

Ambulance for your account

Want to earn an additional 9,000 rubles in the process of playing your favorite online slots? Take part in the new campaign Azartplein and will get a quick monetary assistance for your account!

Begins drawing the "Awesome summer"!

Don't miss the gorgeous lottery casino Azartplein, which will be held from may 1 to June 14, 2015! This unique raffle with a prize Fund of 2 000 000 rubles will help make your summer truly unforgettable!

Celebrate the day of victory – bonus big get!

Congratulations to all with one of the main festivals this spring – the 70th anniversary of the victory! And we invite you to celebrate with us, and at the same time and receive pleasant bonuses!

Tournament "may day 300 000 points"

We invite you to spend the first may money is not only fun but also tangible benefits by taking part in a tournament Azartplein! 1 through may 7, we will draw from 300 000 bonus points prizes!

Week of surprises in casino Azartplein

From 27 April to 3 may to make a Deposit at the casino Azartplein especially beneficial! Just this week, your deposits will provide not only a full game, but bring a generous surprises!

Championship "Race to the bottom"

Casino Azartplein begins the real "Race to the bottom"! This means that all the laurels of the winner will get only one winner, who will be able to beat all the opponents and pass all stages of the championship first!

Drawing "the best of the Best"!

Want to win 7500 rubles? To fulfill this desire will help draw out best of the Best! A little perseverance and patience, and gift money will be in your pocket!

The hunting season free spins!

Biggest mining players Azartplein, of course, is wins. And free spins will help to win more! Join the hunt for free spins from 18 to 26 April and become the gambling king of the jungle!

Tournament "Freaks"

Someone who likes to play roulette, and someone is always looking for something new. Our new tournament is suitable for those, and for others! Meet all the most popular online roulette and new rules in the tournament, "Freaks"! And don't worry, the presence of generous prizes in competitions Azartplein remained unchanged!

Free spins to all players a gift in honor of the birthday of Runet!

April 7 – the day very special and extremely pleasant! It is a remarkable fact that in this day lived their separate lives the Russian-speaking Internet, and especially pleasant it will make our special gift of 20 free spins to each player!

Event "Belka and Strelka"

Gambling is able to move players anywhere, even in space! And it will take much less money than a real space flight! And with the new campaign "Belka and Strelka" to conquer space in the casino Azartplein is still profitable!

Tournament "Fatal passion"

30.03.2015 on 05.04.2015 fans of roulette will be able to enjoy a favorite game, and win one of the gifts of the tournament, "Fatal passion"! Whatever it takes to win is to show the maximum net profit in any live roulette casino Azartplein participating in the competition!

Campaign "No nonsense"

April 1 – the time have fun in the casino Azartplay! Participate in special action "No nonsense" and return 10% of the lost money back to your account!

Tournament "The Gold Of The Leprechauns"

New casino tournament Azartplein shrouded in mystery untold wealth of cunning leprechauns, and every competitor can access the pot of gold! Join the tournament from 13 to 17 March and win one of the generous gifts! The prize Fund of 200,000 points!

Action Service

For the punctual online casino players Azartplein has prepared a pleasant surprise – the action "the Alarm"! To get the generous amount of bonus points or multiply your points twice, just to Wake them the right time! Read the details of the action and disassemble the prizes!

Daily tournaments slot machines in Azartplay from 23 February to 1 March 2015

Prove that you are worthy of the title of "Winner" in more tournaments online slot! Tournaments are held from Monday to Sunday without exception, and thus win prizes from Azartplein daily!

Spin the wheel and win 20,000 points!

Today we decided to remind you of the pleasant taste of victory to all fans of roulette! Subscribe to our special promotions and earn 20 000 points in the process of your favorite games!

Get 13000 points on Friday the 13th!

On Friday, the 13th of February,casino Azartplay will help protect against negative magic spell, and at the same time, and win a gift from 13000 points! Fight werewolves, ghouls and witches on a fascinating mystical slots and get bonuses!

Win real money from Valentine's day!

We offer you to make your life even more romance, love and passion along with slot machines Dr. LoveMore and Queen of Hearts! On Valentine's day these slots will be monetary surprises gambling fans!

Share "higher and higher"!

Afraid of heights? Not worth it, because to get far up in our new promotion, instead You will have Your game account! Each player casino Azartplay can get from 10000 points in the drawing "higher and higher"!

Give gifts throughout the month of February in honor of the birthday of the casino Azartplay!

Celebrate the birthday of our casinos with your favorite slot machines and nice gifts! Only in February get special bonuses in honor of the fourth anniversary Azartplay!

Event "Groundhog Day"

I hasten to please all the players a new attractive offer. That it is tempting, we are absolutely, sure, because bonus points don't hurt either! With only 2 to February 8, get 2500 points in the process of your favorite games every day, making the only condition of the campaign!

Slot machine Sizziling Hot brought the first jackpot of 2015!

The hunt for jackpots 2015 casino Azartplay is open! The first lucky winner of the jackpot in the new year, became a player, hitting $ 7,000 on the slot machine Sizziling Hot!

Bonus marathon "Snowman" 19.01.2015 25.01.2015 in

From 19.01.2015 25.01.2015 in we give out bonuses for deposits made, and the invoice amount in the framework of "Snowman" can be increased up to 20%!

Week of gifts in a casino Azartplay from 19 to 23 January!

Every day a new gift! Such surprises we have prepared for players Azartplein from 19 to 23 January! Win thousands of points in your favorite games in the framework of "Week of gifts"!

Tournament "overseas Caviar"

Another "gambling snack" from the casino Azartplein will help to make the last days of the year bright and memorable. For the participants of the tournament "Caviar overseas," we have prepared a prize pool of $ 1000!

Realize the dream in the Christmas lottery "Magic Christmas"!

Get ready for snow incredible prizes, because on Christmas day in a casino Azartplein everything is possible! This means that the new crossover BMW X4 or other stunning gifts can be Yours thanks to the lottery the "Magic of Christmas"! The prize Fund of the competition is 5 000 000 rubles!

Azartplay playing $ 5000 and other gifts in the Christmas tournament, "Olivier"!

We begin a massive festive competition, the winner of which is able to any online casino player Azartplein! Tournament "Olivier" is not only a Christmas title, but a whole bag of holiday gifts. And it's not just champagne and modern technology, but the monetary awards totaling $ 5,000! We invite to participate everyone!

Mobile weekend casino Azartpay!

This weekend the most passionate fans of slot machines will not remain without gifts! We prepared 50 prizes of 1000 points each for the active play in our casino! Don't miss your chance!

Raffle $ 2,000 in the tournament, "Vitaminization"!

It's time to replenish positive energy, because the nose is the December harbinger of winter. To be in shape and stay in great mood casino "Azartplein" launches tournament "Fortification" - a storehouse of sunshine, fruit and hot wins! The tournament is played $ 2000!

Get your share of "Hot Weekend" and will get to 6000 points!

All gambling weekends at the casino "Azartplein" launches a new campaign "Hot Weekend"! This means that every weekend of November, we give You a lot of bonus points for replenishment of the game account!

Casino Azartplein opens a "witch Hunt" with a reward of 200 000 rubles!

The most mystical competition our casino begins! Participate in a magic tournament, "witch Hunt" and grab a solid part of the huge prize pool! And this is 200 000, which will be divided among 20 winners of the new tournament!

Take part in new year lottery from Azartplay and win a New year on 1 000 000 rubles!

We offer you to celebrate New Year as a millionaire! This is only possible once a year and only if the real luck will flash your Hollywood smile. This unique moment is waiting for all casino players "Azartplein" in the new year Super draw price of 2 000 000 rubles! Play your favorite slots and win a vacation to Monte Carlo, and many other Grand prizes!

Earn up to 6000 bonus points for every new Deposit!

Luck decided to cover the last October days with her dazzling smile in the casino Azartplein! This rare phenomenon can only be seen from October 20 to November 1, during our new promotion! These days every recharge will bring nice gifts – bonus points prizes!

Meet the gambling weekend at the casino Azartplein"!

"Dead man's chest", "Fruit Mania" and other unique tournaments at our casino ready to bring happiness to the new winners! Become a member of one of the competition, as always, very simple! To select the event and learn about what gifts we have in store for you this time, will list the tournaments this weekend.

Aug the largest jackpots in online casino Azartplein

It's time to summarize the past summer, in particular, to remind you about a few lucky ones among casino players Azartplein that August gave the winnings in especially large sizes. Read about the brightest jackpots Aug our news.

Don't miss the tournaments of summer casino Azartplay!

Surely someone is sad about leaving summer and someone is gleefully rubbing his hands in anticipation of the long-awaited coolness of autumn. We propose to get rid of the sadness and enjoy the arrival of autumn in "casino Azartplay," playing on the slot machines, taking part in daily tournaments and win new prizes!

The daily tournaments slot machines from 11 to 17 August

Casino Azartplein starts a new week of tournaments on the slot machines. To enter the competition online path can each player who wants to become a conqueror and good luck to a cherished place in the table of winners. Rich list of our tournaments will not leave any fan gambling without any competition.

Meet the updated set of tournaments for slot machines Azartplein!

Our traditional tournament is not over, and continues to entertain players with new power and double the excitement. From 28 July to 3 August to competitions connected with many new slot machines, so that each player will be able to find your favorite slot for a fascinating contest and achieve new heights of gambling, too!

Score a decisive goal in the slot tournament, "Goalkeeper"!

Ready for the last battle in the football championship of our casino? In the tournament, "Goalkeeper" is, something to be overcome, and the draw of one million roubles will take place at the end of this competition. Join an active tournament participants from 8 to 13 July!

Protect your prizes in the new slot-tournament "Defender"!

Football race for the World Cup in Brazil continues, as our millionth event designed to bring together all fans of exciting sports! New tournament, "the Defender" will be held from 28 June to 6 July. This is another unique chance to become closer to 1 million rubles from Azartplay!

Tournaments for slot machines from 23 to 29 June!

Azartplein continues to follow the Large Cup in Brazil along with their players, and also reminds us of the best part in their own football championship game slots. Do not forget about your favorite slot machines – all slot machines are gathered in our traditional tournaments, and the best gamblers of the competition will be left without cash bonuses!

Tournaments in card slots and video roulette from 16 to 22 June

New tournaments on the basis of live-roulette and online slots, based on card types of games available to each player Azartplein from 16 to 22 June! The prize is still not touched, and each player has a chance to become a happy owner of the new prizes!

Play on your favorite slots every day and win prizes from Azartplay!

Slot machine Crazy Monkey, Fruit Cocktail, Garage and many other constant source of income and fun once again become the main weapon to win! Daily tournaments for slot machines embody the most vivid desires of the players and are waiting for fortune seekers in the new daily tournaments from Azartplein!

Azaryplay plays 1 million in honor of the world Cup!

Take part in one of the four "football" tournaments, become the best and win the main prize of $ 1,000 thanks to the beloved football! The total prize Fund of the event amounts to 1 million rubles! Root for your favorite football players along with casino Azartplein!

Compete video roulette and card slots with 9 to 15 June!

Immerse yourself in a full casino atmosphere sitting in a comfortable chair home and winning the next batch in the card game or your favorite roulette! New tournaments will do free moments, turning them into a profitable pastime favorite pastime!

Games tournaments slots 9 through June 15 - Win every day!

For fans of the rivalry and the competitive spirit kicks off a new series of tournaments for slot machines our casino. Participate in slot competitions from 9 to 15 June will bring another batch of joyous victories and awards from Azartplay!

Tournament "Humpty Dumpty" or surprises in the looking-glass for $ 500!

The weekend of this week will be unusual and even a bit confusing. The singularity of the weekend will bring Humpty Dumpty, so named new competition for slot machines Azartplein, but the confusion players will add an exceptional combination of prizes and awards in the new tournament.

Azartplein casts 950 dollars among gambling lovers of animals!

2 through June 8 in the online casino Azartplay again have a virtual zoo or weekly tournament on all slot machines "animal planet"! Entrance to this event is free, but the way is fraught with the budget!

Tournaments for slot machines from 2 to 8 June!

New week promises another batch of large and small victories in your favorite slot slots casino Azartplein. And will increase the chances of a successful outcome of each game tournaments gaming machines with the daily draw real cash prizes! Join the exciting competition today!

Tournaments in card slots and video roulette from 19 to 25 may

Casino Azartplay again encourages participants tournaments video roulette and card slot nice amounts of money! Win one of the prizes, and enjoy fascinating game process, roulette, poker or other card slots every day!

Just favourite slots in daily tournaments from 19 to 25 may!

Someone continues to enjoy the warm may days, and we are continuing our series of slot tournaments – the key to good mood and good wealth to all our players! Choose one of the competitions like, or participate in tournaments every day without any restrictions from 19 to 25 may at the casino Azartplein!

The largest of the April winnings jackpots in the online casino Azarplay

One who is confident in his luck, more often receives lavish gifts in real life. Moreover, expect pleasant surprises in the form of honestly earned thirteenth salary, and in the form of completely random winnings at online casinos! How generous jackpots Azartplein pleased with our players last month, will tell today's news.

Participate in the weekly tournament slot machines and win 400$!

For a week the funny animals will make the company to any player who wants to join the wild and earn some additional funds in the casino Azartplay! Don't miss the slot tournament "animal planet" on may 12-18!

Win cash prizes every day in tournaments playing the slots!

From may 5 to 11 Azartplein casino invites new and avid fans of slots tournaments for slot machines and compete for valuable rewards! Join the ranks of previous winners, and conquer new heights gorgeous game world!

Tournaments for slot machines from 28 April to 4 may!

Never won the tournament in our casino? So everyone has a chance online player Azartplein who dares to challenge luck in one of our daily tournaments. Don't miss the online slots for every taste and fresh wins for a fat wallet this week!

The draw of 950 dollars in the tournament, "Animal Planet" from Azartplay!

Start the week bright and unusual, along with a weekly tournament in our casino, dedicated to the most funny animals. To participate in the contest "Animal Planet" allowed anyone, and at the end of the tournament the top five players will be awarded a nice cash gifts!

Tournaments in card slots and video roulette from 21 to 27 April

Practice – the key to success in many areas of our life, and even in card games without the proper training to succeed, it will be difficult. Hone your skill at Blackjack or Poker, or try your luck and improve your skills playing your favorite roulette, will help new tournaments on Azartplein!

Tournaments for slot machines from 21 to 27 April!

The most active players in our casino often achieve great success in the field wins. And without tournaments for slot machines here is not complete! Mix a variety of competitions from the casino Azartplay will bring new victories and new jackpots!

Tournaments, video roulette, and card games from April 14 to April 20

Download happy seven tournaments for the fans of roulette, blackjack and poker! This is a new chance to Shine in our casino and win prizes in the daily competition for each player!

Tournaments for slot machines from 14 to 20 April

If the new week began with a "heavy" Monday is not a reason for sadness. Casino Azartplein will always help to lighten the mood and make the wallet thicker! Together with our tournaments any day of the week turn into a day - to compete at the slot machines every day from Monday to Sunday! The new series is waiting for its leaders!

Tournaments, video roulette, and card games from 9 to 13 April

To receive a portion of a pleasant spring mood and new exciting emotions easily, one only has to look in Azartplay! And for fans of cards and roulette we have special offers – spring events will turn an ordinary game into a real battle for fame and prizes!

Tournaments for slot machines with 7 to 13 April

A new week brought a mix of unforgettable slot tournaments casino Azartplein! Every day will delight the new contest, interesting slot machines and a good portion of the prizes!

March was a month of jackpots in the casino Azartplay

As long as someone is still considering whether to play slot machines, casino players Azartplein safely hunt jackpots and win them consistently. So, the month of March can now be called not only the period of March cats, but also a month of jackpots! Read about the stunning wins of March and join the hunters jackpots to disrupt your own money!

"Olympic all-around" for $ 3,000!

No matter whether you prefer traditional slots, blackjack or your "gambling" heart long won roulette. From 11 to 17 February, the "Olympic all-around" in the online casino Azartplay will bring together fans of all games and will bring the most active participants of the tournament with generous prizes. The General Fund of the competition is$3000!

Raffle $ 3,500 in tournament video roulette games and slots!

In winter and summer in Azartplay casino players expect only good weather! With new tournaments February, we are pleased to make you warming wins! Don't miss the slot-tournament "Warm-up" or win cash prizes in the competition roulette! Our generous prize Fund already expects the new lucky!

"Pirate story" is the latest slot tournament January for 1000$!

To conquer the seas and oceans, not necessarily to get a floating vessel and to learn the art of navigation. Only from 27 to 31 January Azartplay casino invites players to join the team of virtual pirates from the comfort of home! New tournament "Pirate story" is nine themed online slots, prizes at$ 1,000 and a lot of unforgettable moments!

The tournament "the snow Queen" and "New twist" for fans of roulette and online slots!

Active tournament program of our casino continues! Mid January will bring players two new tournament and a drawing for $ 2,500! Meet the slot-competition "snow Queen" tournament and video roulette with the optimistic title "a New twist"!

Walk big! Slot tournament "Feast" for $ 2000!

From 7 to 13 January, the online casino Azartplein launches a mouth-watering tournament "Feast"! For this event we invite all fans of the brand most popular online slots in our casino! The most active players at the finish line of the slot tournament is expected to 2000$!

"The new year" - the last tournament of the year in 2014 dollars!

Christmas gifts always bring a lot of pleasant emotions, because the online casino Azartplay continues to please their players in the pre-period. Welcome to the tournament "new year", which will be held from December 26 to December 31! This is the final competition on the basis of slot machines this year will give winners cash prizes, as the tournament will be played in 2014 dollars!

Parse cash prizes in holiday tournaments in slots and video roulette!

Want to set a fancy Christmas buffet without any cost? Then don't miss two generous tournament from 20.12.2013 to 26.12.2013! They will more than cover the holiday expenses! The competition roulette "Mister frost" and the battle for slots in the tournament, "Holiday table" is a new chance to make a great Christmas gift! The prize Fund of each tournament marked a cherished figure 2014$!

A new competition "Queen of the ball" and one of the largest slot-marathon "year of the Horse"

Don't miss two exciting tournament of the year, which will give not only the Christmas mood, but also many monetary gifts! In a small competition "Queen of the ball" from 16 to 20 December, will be played next $ 1,000. A really valuable tournament-marathon "year of the horse" will bring players to the winners of prizes worth $ 10,000! Marathon slots will be held from 17 to 31 December.

Preparing for the New Year in lucrative tournaments Azartplein!

The closer the holidays, the better the chances online casino Azartplay gives its players! From 12.12.2013 16.12.2013 at the start of the new tournaments on the basis of online slots and video roulette! The competition is played over 1,000 $ and more than 100 raffle tickets to our new year's Super draw "Symbol of Success"!

All roulette Azartplein in the tournament, "a Christmas spin"!

It's time to get a new year gift to all fans of online roulette casino Azartpay! Participate in the tournament "new year's spin" from 2 to 5 December and win one of the cash gifts in the amount of$500!

Raffle $ 1,200 in the competition "13 newest slots"!

A new week in the casino Azartplay promises to be hot, and the number 13 definitely will bring luck to the players, because that is the amount of fascinating slot machines takes part in the competition "13 newest slots"! Play from 25 November to 1 December and to understand prizes at $ 1,200!

Money fruit for $ 1000 in the slot tournament "Orange"!

A new tournament on the basis of the most vibrant slot machines Azartplein great help to recharge your cheerful mood and endless energy! To all this, the participants will have a prize pool of $ 1000! Choose one of exciting fruit slots at our casino and try to win with 20 to 25 November!

Draw 2000000 roubles the new year lottery "Symbol of success"!

Casino Azartplein has already prepared a lavish Christmas gifts for all fans of the exciting world of slot machines! Participate in the lottery "Symbol of success" and become the owner of one of the big cash prizes! The prize Fund is 2000000 rubles!

12 slot machines Azartplein participate in the tournament "New slots"!

The characters of the famous myths and fairy tales, funny monkeys and even the stern police gathered in one company, to bring online casino players Azartplein unique experiences and win prizes in the tournament "New slots"! You'll find 12 completely different from each other slot machines and prizes of $ 1,000! The period of the tournament: on 22.10.2013 28.10.2013

All around 7 most popular slot Azartplay!

In the new tournament slot machines Azartplein players will not be bored! The all-around online slot includes seven of your favorite games each day in the tournament will participate the new video slot! Don't miss the start of the competition on October 16 at 4 in the morning and a drawing of$ 1,000 at the end of the tournament!

Among the players of roulette are played $ 1000!

From 11 to 17 October, playing one of the seven types of roulette, online our casino players can take part in the tournament "11 to 1" with a prize pool of$ 1000! The minimum stakes in this competition are of the amount from$ 1. Cash prizes are waiting for the ten winners!

Draw $ 1000 in a slot tournament "7 Deluxe Slots"

Favorite games just can't get bored, and an indicator of this is the many popular of online slots among our players! Such slot machines are members of a new competition in our casino! Play their favorite video slots and touch the prize Fund of 1000 USD from 8 to 14 October in the tournament, "7 Deluxe Slots"!

7 types of roulette in the new tournament "2 to 1"! A drawing of $ 1000!

With tournaments Azartplein extremely difficult to get bored, because each of our the competition include cash prizes. Does not deviate from the rules and the new tournament roulette 2 to 1 with the prize Fund of$ 1,000! Games parties stands any kind of online roulette (excluded from the tournament only card and letter is a kind of roulette).

Tournament of Roulettenburg-2 for all fans of roulette in a casino Azartplein!

Hurry to invite all participants of the tournament "Roulettenburg" and fans of video roulette the new competition "Roulettenburg-2", which will be held from 25 September to 1 October! At stake is a $ 500 prize pool for the most active participants and, of course, your favorite types of online roulette!

Draw 1000 dollars in tournament "Roulettenburg"!

All roulette our casino again acquire the ability to generate generous prizes! Take part in tournament "Roulettenburg" from 15 to 24 September and win 100$, 200$, 300$ and other monetary amounts of online casino Azartplein!

From 10 to 15 September Azartplein casino holds a tournament "Slotomania" $ 2000!

Connoisseurs of online slots and self-confident players Azartplay invites to battle in the new competition in the arcade! We have prepared more than 10 games parties and $ 2000 for our winners. Don't miss this event "Slotomania" from 10 to 18 September!

From 7 to 13 September - the best payout in tournament roulette "Red'n Black"!

"Red or black?" - this idea is on the minds of most players who choose live roulette online. We offer you to ponder this question and make your right choice in the tournament, "Red'n Black", which casino Azartplein runs from 7 to 13 September. At stake of awarding the best players in the amount of$500.

$ 1,000 to the winner of the tournament DeLux slot machines online!

Casino Azartplay is awarding another $ 1,000 among the fans of video slots. Taking part in the tournament DeLux, you will find a large selection of games participants and the generous awards from our online casino. The start of the competition on 4th September.

All roulette Azartplein in the new tournament "Ferris wheel"!

Last summer at our casino has been replaced at least generous prizes September. Today, we invite you to compete in the tournament video roulette and grab your well-deserved piece of the prize pool to$ 500! Competition "Ferris wheel" will be held on 02.09.2013 07.09.2013.

The last tournament of August - "All roulette-2"!

We offer you to celebrate the end of summer with new victories and prizes! Choose any of roulette at our casino and join the tournament which will be held from 27 to 31 August! The competition played out 9 prizes worth$ 500 - the one of them can easily be Yours!

Draw$ 1000 in a slot tournament "Banana Paradise" and new bonus coupons!

Do not rush to be sad about the end of summer, it is always possible to extend the casino Azartplein! In the new hot tournament "Banana Paradise" can participate any player. The main incentive for this will serve as our "mouth-watering" prize pool of$ 1000! The competition will be held from 25 to 29 August on the basis of already a favorite of many video slots Bananas Go Bahamas, Banana Splash, and Juicy fruits HD!

For the most active players will start the tournament online poker!

Three card poker, Oasis poker, Caribbean poker – of course, all three games combines attractive magic playing cards and the desire of players to win. But in our online casino these types of poker have a common component – from 23 to 27 August, they participate in poker tournament with a prize pool of$500!

Spin the roulette and win monetary prizes in the tournament "Spin&Win"!

Roulette back in fashion! As in the proof 19 Aug starts a new tournament video roulette casino Azartplein (except card and letter roulette)! Which player will receive the title of winners and will share the$ 500 prize pool, we will know very soon the competition will run until 4 a.m. on August 23.

Pirate treasure$ 1,000 in a new tournament on all slot machines!

Online casino Azartplein announces a real treasure hunt in new slot tournament! Find the treasure in a total amount of $ 1,000 from 17 to 21 August will help You to three thematic video slots: Treasures Pirates HD, pirates Treasure, slot machine Lucky pirates HD!

Draw$ 1000 in a slot tournament "Water stadium"!

In the family of exciting and lucrative tournaments casino Azartplein again addition! This time we offer to fight for the Fund of $ 1000 in the slot tournament "Water stadium". Among the games of the popular online slots Aquatica HD, Dolphin's Pearl Dolphin's Pearl Deluxe.

Raffle of $ 500 in tournament poker, "12 jokers"!

For all fans of poker on 9 August kicks off the new online tournament "12 jokers"! Prize pool of $ 500, and games parties include more than 10 types of video poker! This four-day competition will run until August 13.

New slots tournaments and roulette, with a total prize pool of$1500!

Good news for fans of video roulette! From 5 to 9 August specifically for You based on different types of roulette our casino holds a tournament "bet, gentlemen!". A nice opportunity to hunt for prizes totaling to$ 500! We have not forgotten about passionate lovers of slot machines and we offer new slot-tournament with a prize pool of$ 1000! Meet the tournament's "Glamorous", which will be held from 7 to 11 August!

The results of the July lottery new slot tournament "Magic ancestors"!

Win a free trip to Czech Republic from casino Azartplein completed! About who became the winner of this amazing prize, tell today's news. Also, You will learn what is common between Ancient Egypt and Aztec tribes and how to get rich with the help of historical slots.

Compete in live roulette in the tournament, "Roulette saved"!

It's time to take luck into your own hands! And the new challenge roulette will help You to realize this is a serious event! From 1 to 5 August will host the tournament "Roulette saved" with minimum bids of$ 1 and cash awards in the amount of$ 500! Start August with new victories!

"Golden lane" tournament on all slot machines Azartplay!

Meet the latest slot tournament this month with a prize drawing for $ 1,000! To join the competition you can on 26.07.2013 29.07.2013, games, parties – all online slots our casino, in addition to the machine Bones!

Raffle of $ 1,000 in the tournament, "Old town" in the new challenge roulette!

Video roulette – one of the main characters next week! From Monday to Sunday in the casino the tournament will be held "Old city" with a prize Fund of $ 1000! Compete using any kind of roulette (except letter and card), and become the best players Azartplein!

Draw$ 1000 in a slot tournament "To the victory of communism"!

Over the next 4 days with online slots Novomatik definitely not boring, because this game is in competition for a prize pool of $ 1000! The period of holding the slot tournament "To the victory of communism" - on 15.07.2013 19.07.2013.

Storm live roulette in the new tournament "the storming of the Bastille"!

Today's news will please all fans of roulette in our casino! We offer you to try your luck and compete in a new competition "the storming of the Bastille" on the basis of all video tapes, in addition to the card and letter. The tournament will be held from 12 to 15 July and feature a prize pool of$1,000.

Charles bridge - the tournament on the basis of the most popular slots from Igrosoft

At the beginning of this week the casino has prepared for the players a good opportunity to have fun playing on your favorite slot machines and winning cash prizes. 8 through 10 will be held July slot tournament "Charles bridge", which involves Your favorite video slots: Resident , Garage, Crazy monkey, Fruit cocktail, Lucky haunter.

Only 5, 6 and 7 July raffle$ 750 in tournament roulette!

For all participants the daily competitions on roulette and for fans of this type of gambling we are launching a 3-day tournament at live roulette! It's a competition of precision, which will be held from Friday to Sunday and includes a 750$ prize pool.

Drawing 5555 dollars in the main slot-marathon July!

I hasten to share the great news! From 1 July we are launching a Mega-competition for slot machines our online casino, which will be played 5 555$! This is a slot-marathon for the best payoff that will last exactly 1 month. A great reason to compete for luxurious prizes and accumulate lottery tickets for the July raffle tickets in a real European casino!

Weekend $ 2000 in the new tournament on all slot machines in the casino!

Meet the new weekend with a new slots tournament for the best win! All the casino games in competition Holiday-5 from 29 June to 1 July. At stake is a $ 2,000, 32 the winner and lots of fun! Play and win with online casino AzartPlay!

Only from 27 to 29 June – tournaments slots Dolphin's Pearl and Fruit Cocktail!

For fans of the one-day slot tournament Azartplein again good news! On 27 June, the start of the tournament on the slot machines Dolphin's Pearl, and 28 June and compete for prizes on the basis of online slots Fruit Cocktail. Parse 2 thousand dollars in two days and preparing for July super draw!

A new competition with a prize Fund of $ 1000 and the bonus coupons this week!

The last week of June is the pleasant cash gifts from our casino, as the whole month! In the first half of the week, we invite you to compete for the championship on the slot machines The Money Game Sizzling Hot Deluxe, as well as to take advantage of the great bonus coupons!

Only one day 125% bonus wagering and other news of this week!

Don't miss this terrific opportunity bonus today, June 21! After all, the wager counts from 125%! Learn all about the many competitions today and upcoming events in the casino Azart Play!

Only 14.06.13 at 16.06.13 - who is more lost, and he won!

Azart play online casino is a very unusual tournament for players who prefer slot machines online - the game: more lost, and he won! These very unusual events, bring home the tournament of June, where the winner will receive 10% of the lost funds for 2013.

Bring back the lost funds in a unique competition for slots "Revenge"!

Just this month, we will refund You up to 10 percent of all lost this year! Participate in the main slot tournament June "Revenge" and get the money spent back! The competition will be held from 17 to 24 June and include all online slots the gaming floor.

Wednesday and Thursday – the days of fruit slots in the casino Azart Play!

For two days fans of fruit slots can compete for prizes of hundreds of dollars playing favorite slot machines and Sizzling Hot Bananas Go Bahamas. The data of the game participants of one-day tournaments of online casinos, which will be held from 12 to 14 June 2013. In just 2 days of competition we are giving away $ 2,000, and among the players there will be from 30 new winners!

Up to$ 1000 dollars a day, and bonus coupons in honor of Russia Day from the casino Azart Play!

Take part in slot competitions on Monday and Tuesday and win your solid share of $ 1,000! Such is the prize Fund for each of the two new tournaments – the slot Ultra Hot and Ultra Hot Deluxe slot! In addition, receive bonus coupons to celebrate the day of Russia!

Game tournaments for money from 10 to 16 June 2013 in the online casino Azart Play

With 10.06.13 16.06.13 for years casino Gambling Play holds game tournaments for money slot machines Ultra Hot, Ultra Hot Deluxe, Sizzling Hot, Bananas Go Bahamas and Crazy Monkey!

Fun weekend with the tournament, "Holiday 2" and prizes worth $ 2000!

Have fun and win nice gifts and weekend! Together with the upcoming weekend and starts a two-day slot tournament with prizes worth 2000 dollars! Involved any slot machine casino, except craps games!

Win $ 1,200 at a slot machine Book Of Ra online casino Azart Play!

Archaeological excavations in the heart of Ancient Egypt, you can continue not just playing online slot Book Of Ra, and played in the same tournament online casino Gambling Play! 15 prizes and $ 1,200 on gifts – a perfect excuse to spin the reels of your favorite slot machine from 7 to 8 June!

Trip European casino "Atrium" and 5,000 euros in the bargain from the excitement of the Play!

Online casino Azart Play appreciates his players and the proof is launching a new large-scale lottery! As the main prize the winner will receive not only a memorable trip to the Czech Republic, but also the opportunity to play in a real European casino in the amount of 5000 euros!

The June tournament on the slot machines Garage and Resident from the casino Azart Play

Two days, two tournaments and a prize of $ 2000! The motto at the beginning of June there will be new tournaments on the most famous slot machines! Gaming fans will be able to compete on slot machine Garage and Resident slot machine from 3 to 5 June.

3100 dollars in tournament casino Gambling Play roulette in honor of the day of Saint-Petersburg!

Don't miss your opportunity to compete in favorite casino the Excitement of Play and to celebrate the day Peter! Tournament St. Petersburg events dedicated to 310-ment of St. Petersburg, once again gathers fans of roulette, from 27 to 31 may 2013! The prize Fund – $ 3,100!

Casino the Excitement of Play - win $ 4,000 in the tournament, "wishes"!

For six days we will carry out the dreams of the most competitive players in the most interesting tournament "wishes"! Every day is a new slot machine from a list of your favorite online slots! Win the tournament and get 300, 500 or just $ 1500 and other prizes worth $ 4,000! Time of event: from 21 to 27 may.

$ 1,000 slot tournament "Authority" from the casino Azart Play!

Don't want to share the prize Fund with the other members of our tournaments? Then a new event in the casino Azart play is definitely for You! Earn authority as the most active online player and $ 1,000 in addition to the new tournament, which starts may 18! The competition includes any casino games.

"The exact mechanics" - new tournament roulette from Azartplein!

Like to play roulette with the track or prefer European roulette? In the new tournament "the Exact mechanics" it does not matter, because participation in it accepts any kind of casino roulette Azartplein, except for the letter and card! Compete for accuracy with 13 to 17 may and win real money into your gaming account. The prize Fund of 2000$!

$ 2000 prize pool of the may tournament on the slot machines from the casino Azart Play!

With only 12 to 13 may 2013 all slots online casino Azart play will be over best slots thanks to a new tournament "Slotomania"! The minimum threshold rates of just 2 cents and a prize Fund of $ 2000! Not involved in the tournament only online slot "Bones."

Win cash prizes with slot machines Sizzling Hot!

One of the classic online slots online casino Azartplein from 11 to 12 may will give players a lot more than just a fascinating game. Participate in a new competition for slot machines Sizzling Hot and win prizes worth $ 500! The tournament will count towards the wagering game of 9 or more cents.

Tournament Lucky Lady's Charm with a prize pool of $ 500!

Azartplein casino gives all players the opportunity to win cash prizes in the company of charming girls! To use such a chance, only need to take part in a new tournament on the famous slot machine Lucky Lady's Charm! Date of event: 10 and 11 may.

A one-day tournament on the slot machines Bananas go Bahamas

It's not every day you can take in the sights of a tropical vacation, which is even play money! Only 5 to 6 may this opportunity provides casino Azartplein! Take part in the slot tournament on the slot machines Bananas go Bahamas and log on to the seven winners! The tournament prizes will be awarded in the amount of $ 500!

Performed "five-year Plan" on any roulette! New tournament for $ 1,000!

Casino Azartplein will not be bored during the may holidays! Choose your favorite type of roulette (except letter and card) and battle in the tournament, "five-year Plan" from 4 to 5 may. $ 1000 prize Fund already waiting for the most active participants!

Slot machine Book of Ra award 500 dollars!

Slot machine Book of Ra sign of almost all online players. No wonder it is one of the main favorites among the rich gaming portfolio of casino Azartplein. Introducing a special contest for fans of this Egyptian video slot! Fighting for a prize pool of $ 500 begins may 3!

Drawing 777 dollars in a tournament on slot machine Garage!

For all fans of online slot Garage 28 APR casino Azartplein launches competition on this great slot machine! Tournament "the Garage" will last throughout the day and will give winners cash prizes in the amount of $ 777!

Azartplein starts the tournament roulette "Ivan Vasilievich"!

Participate in our new tournament from 18 to 21 April, where players can fight in online roulette! Prizes in the amount of $ 2,000 in the tournament for bets and $ 500 in the tournament for small stakes expect a bold and active fans of this fascinating game!

"The diamond arm" - is not only valuable gypsum, but$ 2000 in tournament Azartplein!

Slot tournaments, devoted to the popular Soviet comedies, gaining momentum! Casino Azartplein invites everyone to share a $ 2,000 prize as winners of the new tournament "the diamond arm" from 12 to 14 April! The competition involves all the online slots casino.

Slot tournament "Gagarin-party" - don't miss your prizes!

Hottest April in the online casino Azartplein continues to delight players nice promotions and lucrative competitions. Participate in the slot tournament "Gagarin-party" from 12 to 13 April, which involved almost all online slot machines in the casino. The most persistent of players already expect a prize pool of $ 500!

Raffle of $ 500 in the new April tournament on all slot machines!

In April, the company does not cease to be active and profitable for casino Excitement Play. Slot tournament "prisoner of the Caucasus" is waiting for fans to play to win on April 9 from 4 o'clock Moscow time! This time, to bring victory will help slot machines Lucky lady charm and prisoner of the Caucasus. The tournament awards $ 500 and additional raffle tickets!

New "adventures of Shurik" - slot tournament on the big and small bets

Fight in the new April tournaments our casino! "Shurik's adventures" can be a very profitable event! Play on any slot machine in compliance with the rules of the tournament and win cash prizes! The tournament includes two types of competition: the large and small bets.

The April tournament and raffle 1000 000! No kidding!

Don't miss the new slot tournament on the slot machine Resident starting April 1 in casino Azart Play! Participate in the April tournament and win extra chances to win super Lotto in our casino with a prize Fund of 1 million rubles!

Rush tournament HD-roulette! Daily prize draw!

Relatively recently appeared in the online casino HD roulette has already attracted many players. Learn all the secrets of this game, competing in a daily tournament HD-roulette at the casino Azartplein. Each tournament will give the winner $ 250 and the minimum games bet in one round, the rules of the tournament only starts from 0.01$.

$ 1,000 for the most active casino player Excitement Play!

Win big! Play on any slot game and get $ 1000! This chance is only available to online casino players Azartplein from 29 March to 1 April. Score biggest sum of bets during the tournament and get the prize pool!

Raffle $ 4,000 in the spring slot tournament casino Azartplein!

In March online casino players Azartplein will draw $ 4,000! To win real money, you do not need to exert much effort. Play colorful slots from the Novomatic company in the spring tournament our casino from 22nd to 25th March and catch your luck!

All tournaments slot machines from Igrosoft!

Only from 15 to 18 March, any player online casino Gambling Play can try their luck in tournaments on slot machines and win big money! Play online slots from Igrosoft and become the best player! Tournaments are divided into 2 types - big and small bets.

Play and win in roulette daily tournament in a casino!

For those who can not imagine their life without playing roulette, casino Azartplein performs daily tournament! Test yourself and rate the game other players can only be in the game "HD roulette". The tournament takes place from 04.00 to 3.59 Moscow time to take part can all registered players casino. Play and win and just enjoy the game!

Win a tournament videoslots - daily casino Azartplein!

For experienced casino players Azartplein provides an excellent opportunity to demonstrate your intuition and skills gambling online - daily tournament videoslots! To take part everybody can, and get in the standings - making the total bet worth at least $ 0.09.

Lost in a casino? Get money from Usable!

It is no secret that gambling does not always meet our expectations. Playing casino games we strive at any cost to win, but luck is not always favorable to us... But not in the casino Azartplay! Every Monday the losing players can get into your account bonuses in the amount of 10% -25% of the lost last week of deposits.