Gold slot machine Party online

Gold slot machine Party stands out from most of the slots due to the unusual plot. The impression that the game developers have created for our grandparents, who lived in the Soviet Union. However, the machine will find interesting and modern online players, as the Gold Party features a very colorful design and talks about the most important achievements of the country during the Soviet period, without which it simply would not exist in modern Russia.

How to play Gold Party

Five reels filled with the spirit of the Soviet past, are designed to provide players a unique experience. This is the main game mechanism in the machine, the Gold Party, which features the standard and bonus symbols. You can play at 21 active line, which serve to complete winning combinations.

Bonus games on the slot machine Gold Party

The highlight of the game was a stunning set of prize options, which has two bonus games. One of them is activated with three symbols of a gold Piece, and allows you to receive a cash award hiding in one of the envelopes. The second bonus game will be started if the screen displays at least three images of the satellite. In this case, the players have to choose to which planet will be launched. A good launch will allow us to become richer by a considerable sum of money.

Slot machine Gold Party is a unique chance to travel to the USSR and to see the great achievements of the time.

The game is simply overflowing with bonus features. They include not only the traditional gamble feature and wild symbols, but two completely unique bonus round.