Slots Taiga (Taiga) online


How to play the slot machine the Taiga

If You started playing on our slot machine, the main thing is to stay calm gambler, not afraid of betting on several lines, to get lost in the impenetrable taiga windbreaks slots Taiga. Do not be afraid to stay lonely traveler in a wild primeval forest! Thanks sure bets on the variations of the 20 paylines they become the saving path to tread on which will help You get bears, wolves and foxes are lining up in rows on the reels Taigi, they not only lead You on the right path, but nice to encourage decent wins. Although the tiger and the sole master of the Kingdom of the taiga, but if he appears in the campaign at least two of their fellows, not to have a nice lunch desperate traveler, but rather to give him the opportunity to get a decent amount of winnings, so don't be afraid of the terrible striped predator in the Taiga online game it brings you only good luck!

I don't know if You mean the interface of the gaming machine, but to be indifferent to the design of this slot machine the Taiga will not succeed. Just look at the game pad to this slot, and You will not be able to refuse the desires of a few dozen times spin its reels!

Image taiga animals: bears, wolves, foxes, Sables and squirrels line up in a winning combination! Especially grateful will be bears and tigers! On them and try to make the maximum bet!