Slot machine Secret of Nefertiti – new from Booongo

The Egyptian pharaohs had not only great power and rare resources, but faithful spouses, one of which went down in history thanks to its perfect beauty. Nefertiti was the name of the beautiful Egyptian Queen, whose identity is shrouded in many mysteries and secrets. Some of them will help to reveal the slot machine Secret of Nefertiti! This 20 reel slot will appreciate the special wild symbols that increases the payouts and players will enjoy the bonus round and free spins.

Free spins on the slot machine Secret of Nefertiti

Slot machine Secret of Nefertiti you can receive regular payments, and free spins, which activates a combination of three scatter symbols. Players can choose from three modes, each of which is equipped with additional multipliers. If you select a smaller number of spins, the size of the multiplier increases. To obtain increased payments, as in the main game and during free spins also allow wild symbols, to which you assign different multipliers, reaching X5.

Bonus game Secret of Nefertiti

Bonus game Secret of Nefertiti gives a fascinating opportunity to get to the heart of the Egyptian pyramids and find a treasure of most Nefertiti. However, this will need to avoid the reanimated mummy, which does not Bode well and otnimat life. Just the bonus round is provided 3 lives, which is enough to finish the round with a solid reward.

Slot machine Secret of Nefertiti tells the story of the Egyptian Queen Nefertiti, surrounding players with her beauty and wealth throughout the game.

Secret of Nefertiti and a unique bonus round, free spins and lucrative multipliers.