Slot machine Poisoned Apple – new from Booongo

The old story of snow white and the seven dwarfs took a new form of video slot that offers not only dive in, but become fabulously rich thanks to a unique set of prize options. The creators of the game very carefully worked on bonus features, so players will find many surprises, including, the growing, curing and reflected wild symbols, additional paylines and free spins!

How to play the slot machine Poisoned Apple

Slot machine Poisoned Apple is equipped with 25 paylines and the symbols on the screen, move the five reels. The icons in the main characters of the tale of snow white, as well as in the form of colored card symbols. The mirror in the main game, executes the role of traditional wild symbol, substituting for other symbols. The scatter symbol in this video slot, with players still available can run free spins. It is necessary to fulfill three objectives listed in the pay table. The goal may be a certain number of wins, the winning combinations of certain symbols etc.

Free spins on the machine Poisoned Apple

Once in the main game, collected three goals, slot, Poisoned Apple will switch to free spins. Before starting, the machine will randomly choose an additional bonus. It can be additional paylines, additional spins, or three of the special free spins mode, the so-called Mirror Wild, Sticky Wild and Growing Wild. In mirror mode, wild s wild symbols are duplicated mirrored about the vertical and horizontal axes passing through the center of the screen. Mode Sticky Wild makes the picture of Prince in solidifying a wild symbol, and the option of Growing Wild will make of Snow white growing wild symbol occupying multiple cells vertically.

Slot machine Poisoned Apple is a new variation of the fairy tale "snow white and the seven dwarves" in the form of spectacular online slot.

Poisoned Apple is equipped with a unique set of options, which will please not only fans of bonuses, but will allow them to remain in the win. The game will meet the free spins with extra wilds and other bonuses.