Slot machine King Kong (king Kong) online

King Kong

How to play the slot machine King Kong

Winning in 3000 bets on one payline is obtained if spin the reels so that they land five Wild symbols. The Wild symbol in the game slot he is the king of the jungle, or rather just the head of king Kong. This giant monkey, appearing on the payline replaces any other characters in the possible playing combinations. The only exception is the character "KING", which in this game is Scatterа symbol, which triggers free spins in the bonus games.

Bonus game Jungle Mode and Big City Mode

Multipliers of special game symbols are familiar in the gaming tables, but in any case, we emphasize that rate increases give image main characters of the movie king Kong, but the Latin letters are not as generous to the increase in winnings, so we recommend to bet on people, not soulless alphabet! Slot machine king Kong is characterized by the presence of two bonus games: Jungle Mode and Big City Mode. In each of these game modes the multipliers for winning combinations are identical, differing only in image of game characters. Therefore, play the same pleasure and excitement in both Jungle Mode and Big City Mode. The choice of modes is not necessary, you'll play each of them, because in this slot game they are run alternately, one after the other.

Oh, where not only will throw the fate of poor king Kong: the jungle and in new York and on the top of a gigantic skyscraper! This slot machine king Kong even manages to shoot down flying airplanes! Of course you do, playing the slot machine King Kong will become an unwitting participant in these exciting adventures!

Although... is it scare? Of course not! The player on the slot machine "king Kong" is a fearless gambler! Also remember: other slot games, players have seen before and is not!