Slot machine Incredible Hulk (Hulk) online


How to play the slot machine the Incredible Hulk

For example, the words Incredible Hulk is the Scatter symbol, if you throw a 3,4 or 5 of these inscriptions on the payline, Your winnings are 10, 25 and 100 credits, respectively, furthermore automatically triggered 10 free spins with a multiplier rate 3 times! Secondly, the image is not even the friendly faces of the Hulk, which appears on reels 2, 3 and 4 substitutes for all other game symbols except Scatterа and the bonus symbol of the game – the inscription "Smash bonus"! Of course, you guessed that this image is the Wild symbol of this slot, to improve Your game. Now you see that to tame the Hulk is not only possible, but necessary, in any case, it is very profitable!

Bonus game "Rage of the Hulk!

If You decide to play in the bonus mode, you can drop the option of "Rage of the Hulk". In this case, Hulk crumbles to scrap all seven police vehicles, significantly increasing the win! You think this all? This video slot is full of surprises, so hurry up to spin the reels if the face of the Hulk appears in the center of the reel 3, automatically activates the bonus game is a "Growing giant". In this case, Wild symbol is moving up and down, filling the entire reel 3, thus increasing the chances of a good combination, no matter what the combination was.

"Growing giant" gives the following two spin free. Similarly, the Wild symbol with the Hulk works in the case when the point is at the same time on reels 2,3,4. In this case, a "Growing giant" fills all three reels and winning combinations this naturally greatly increases. But that's not all - three wild symbols on reels 2,3,4. give one extra free spin!

Free game slot machine Incredible Hulk

In close acquaintance of the Hulk is quite a handsome guy and a pretty unsophisticated game partner, but immediately put your credits on all 25 lines, probably not worth it. First, you need to try your luck, but at the same time and test the generosity of the Hulk in the bonus games! Isn't it great free to learn how to get the Hulk to clap in palms and thereby blow up all at once seven cars, fantastically increasing the size of your winnings?!

In the real game You are forced to bet and it may happen that not all of them will be winning. What to do if you want to play and risk own loans quite undesirable? Accumulate valuable game experience, starting to play on the emulator of slot Incredible Hulk online casino! This will allow You to explore the features of the game on the Incredible Hulk absolutely for free, and then, feeling all the beauty of the game and solve all the secrets of the green giant, I can confidently go to play on real bets on the games the Incredible Hulk slot!


Online casino Azartplein, the Hulk – even very positive guy, willing to share their wealth with anyone who is not afraid to play with him on equal terms. In addition, the old Hulk got You another surprise – a bonus game called "a Crushing blow".

The game starts in the event, if on reels 1 and 5 get the words "Smash bonus". Crush the cars of the unfortunate police and military to shoot down army helicopters! To get a solid win try to destroy three of the seven vehicles, and to ensure that this gain is increased in the n-Noe number of times - bring down one of the three helicopters.