Slot machines Tube (Lucky Haunter) online


Slot can please even the most demanding user who is looking for flaws in each slot. The machine has 5 reels, located on the background of the bar, which goes to sleep pretty drunk visitor. With 9 lines payout and wild game symbols, players can become owners of impressive jackpot of a fixed type. The size of this win is 125.000 credits that simply cannot be found in other slot games.

It is worth noting that this gaming app is equipped not only with the risk round, but bonus game, which consists of two parts. Starts the bonus game after the reels going combination, in which there are at least three bonus symbols. The first stage of the bonus round involves the selection of beer caps. On the table is 5 caps, under which 4 have the bonus symbol.

Each bonus feature gives the user an additional cash prize. If the player will be able to guess 4 of the bonus cap, then begins the second game round the bonus game. The bartender brings the user to two private meals under the lid of one is grilled chicken with beer, and the second tray is empty. The player must choose the tray that will give him the hen, and therefore additional cash prize.

Risk game in this slot machine is also quite thematic. Annoying all the cards have been replaced with beer cans, the walls of which are painted a number. The dealer gets one, and the player's task to get that beer can, which will drawn a larger number. This bonus game can be activated after each successful rotation of the reels, this slot happens very often. Automatic mode is not in the game, but it may not disappoint users.

The classic combination of nine paylines and five reels offer slot machines Tube (Lucky Haunter) from the company Igrosoft. This slot gives the player the opportunity to win more than five hundred times the maximum bet amount. It is possible to win on all nine paylines at a time, but you need to be lucky.

After winning the player is given the opportunity to play with machine doubling. Besides, Lucky haunter, there are two bonus games, which open after the appearance on the screen three images of the tubes. The second appears when the first bonus game, all symbols will be winning.