Slot machine Sweet Life - sweet life, know the casino Azartplein

The basic winning combinations of the gaming machine Sweet Life (the Sweet Life) is formed from "flower", "drums", "bears" and "bees". In order to understand the amount of winning combinations use the "Help" button on the panel slot. The most interesting and promising character is "Wild", which is also called "Wild" and "Hand-fan" through which you will be able to complete a hand to win, substituting for any symbol.

Bonus game

Most exciting is the bonus game "Bonus.", which starts when you collect 3 or more beehives. Of 5 houses with bees, you will need to include your intuition to select those in which there is a tasty treat. In case you're mistaken for your bear attack angry bees. A chance to win the biggest prize you will get, reaching a bonus game where you will be asked to choose one of the two barrels. If you and this time you guess right, you will be surprised the amount of winnings.

Game on doubling bets

If your bet is played, and you feel that fortune is on your side, play on doubling bets. This will help you, the button "Double". Press and crawl with the bear in the tree, selecting the hives with honey and fearing the bees, who wasn't expecting company , and certainly not planning on sharing sweetie. If you choose the right hive with honey, they will eat the bear, and your winnings will be doubled. But, do not rush to take risks and think carefully before you click this button, as in the case of an error, the winning will be lost.

Slot machine Sweet Life - bright and good-natured fun will brighten the night and will be a real boon for the gambler. Especially attractive bonus games and doubling rates.

Want to know the sweet life, then go with a bear in an apiary, avoiding meeting with wild and angry bees.