Slot game Champagne Party (Champagne) online

How about a great party? To organize a great vacation right in the middle of the working week without any special preparation will allow slot game Champagne Party! The game in one moment takes on an exotic resort where it's always warm and Sunny, champagne is flowing and the atmosphere of unbridled fun! It seems that this party will never end, however, it is not necessary, because there poured not only an excellent drink but also handed out great prizes!

How to play the slot machine Champagne Party

Having mastered only a few rules to play the slot machine Champagne Party will be able to absolutely everyone. Decide the size of your bet and activate the desired number of lines. The maximum number of game – 21. Using all the lines, you can increase your chances of profitable the game. You only have to spin the reels and experience the atmosphere first-class fun!

The bonus game of the slot machine Champagne Party

Since the game dedicated to the holiday vacation, without champagne there has not been. It was the bottle of sparkling beverage in combination of three, four or five symbols allows you to play the bonus game of the slot machine Champagne Party and receive additional compensation. Once in the bonus round will appear on the screen for five bottles of champagne, two of which have to choose. For each bottle hides a cash prize that instantly fills the player's account.

Slot game Champagne Party the players choose for luxurious surroundings and entertaining atmosphere. In this game, the celebration never ends, and the champagne brings magical winnings!

Champagne Party immediately charges fun and will appreciate a generous number of free spins and a bonus round.