Slot machine X-Men (X-Men) online


Superpowers are integral talent each hero of the famous comics, and the X-men were no exception. Slot machine X-Men will join the team of superhumans, or you can stand on the side of the villains, but it does not affect the winnings. Experience new sensations, enjoy the fantastic graphics and a unique series of free spins with two bonus modes!

How to play the slot machine X-Men

Slot machine X-Men is a 5 reel slot that provides the ability to activate up to 20 paylines. Play at maximum bets or bet a smaller amount in every spin – each player decides independently. To receive winnings, should fall in one of the combinations presented in the payout table online slot.

Free spins on the slot machine X-Men

The most interesting feature, and one of the most profitable opportunities of the slot machine X-Men are free spins. They are unique by the presence of two game modes, which should be one after the other. In the first mode the free spins can continue almost indefinitely or until, until on the third reel not to appear the symbol of the Evil Character. It activates the second mode, which consists of 8 free spins. If during these spins on the third reel stop symbol of the positive Hero, the player can continue to spin the reels free of charge.

Slot machine X-Men is a spectacular gambling and adventure in a world of Heroes and Villains from the sci-Fi blockbuster.

X-Men will allow you to meet with Professor X, Wolverine or shlestnutsya in battle with magneto, getting the winnings in fact, and in another case. And option endless free spins will surely delight every fan of the generous bonuses.