Slot machine Winner's Car Wash - new game from Novomatic

Novomatic once again pleased with the online players by releasing an amazing new slot machine Winner's Car Wash. Video slot it is not for nothing called Wash Winners. The game takes fans of gambling games in virtual car wash workshop, where even the smallest bet can bring a real jackpot! Such generosity machine is bound to unique symbols and additional free spins that can be triggered in any game round.

Slot machine features Winner's Car Wash

The slot machine Winner's Car Wash has several differences from the traditional slots. On the fifth reel can show three different special symbols that replace the existing image on more favorable, including wild symbols "Gold dollar". So, red is a wildcard symbol that appears on reel 5, will replace all card images on higher paying symbols. With the appearance of a blue special character on the reels added a few wild symbols, and a green character will activate the best feature – rotating brushes that is able to displace all the symbols diagonally, vertically or horizontally, replacing them with a wild image.

Free spins on the slot machine Winner's Car Wash

Win 9 free spins on your slot machine Winner's Car Wash is quite simple: you need to catch the bonus symbol on the 1st, 3rd and 5th reels at the same time. If this symbol appears only on two reels, the slot machine will spin the third reel, which lacks a bonus image again, thereby increasing the chances of winning free spins. During free spins, the special symbols do not appear on the screen but their function will be to work for the benefit of players without a break. So, during the first three spins, the game automatically initiates the bonus feature of the red character, in the course of the next three spins is a function of the blue character, and during the last three spins will be activated the most beneficial properties of green character.</p>

Slot machine Winner's Car Wash is a bright new company Novomatic, endearing unique set of bonus features.

In the Winner's Car Wash bonuses can be found almost at every step: in the main game and during free spins, which makes the machine not only extremely interesting but also incredibly generous.