Slot game The Magic Flute (the Magic Flute) online

The Magic Flute

Slot game The Magic Flute tells the story of the magic flute, the melody is able to attract luck. And good luck, as you know, one of the most faithful companions of the successful online players. In addition to flutes, the game will meet the snow Queen herself, but should not be afraid of intrigues, as it will help to win the biggest jackpot!

How to play The Magic Flute

Fans of online slots will be familiar with mechanism by which the machine is equipped with The Magic Flute. This is a set of five reels that spin the symbols. When certain combinations of symbols stop on the active lines, the machine gives the winnings. In this game you can use a different number of lines from 1 to 9. And the maximum bet per line can reach 100 credits. Having dealt with the rules, you can click on Start and start playing.

Free spins on the slot machine Magic Flute

Magic flute has not only become the main heroine of the machine The Magic Flute, but also a scatter symbol. As is known, these symbols bring winnings regardless of their position on the reels. In addition, the flute will get another 15 free spins if you make a combination of three, four or five characters. Although the number of spins is always limited to 15 rounds, any winnings each will be automatically increased in three times.

Slot game The Magic Flute will tell you about the generosity, love and magic flute, capable of performing miracles. The game is developed by one of the leading makers of slots and Novomatic.

The Magic Flute will enjoy a high payout percentage, as well as additional options: risk-the game, triple multipliers and free spins.