Slot Sizzling Hot Quattro is a new game from Novomatic

Series online slot games Sizzling Hot was immensely popular among visitors online casinos, so the developers decided to add this collection to another novelty. Slot Sizzling Hot Quattro is a new take on the classic slots, it becomes clear already at the first sight of the screen. The game features 20 reels that you cannot find in any traditional machine. This feature provides a Sizzling Hot Quattro unprecedented success from the very first days of the casino Azartplein.

How to play Sizzling Hot Quattro

In simple words, Sizzling Hot Quattro is a four slot one. On one screen you can fit four sets of five reels, each of which is able to make a winning combination. Thus, in this game the chances of profitable the game grow. All reels start spinning simultaneously, and the total number of paylines up to twenty.

The payouts of the slot machine Sizzling Hot Quattro

The original mechanism, 20-reel slot machine Sizzling Hot Quattro combined with the painfully familiar characters that make up the payment. It will meet all of the same lemons, watermelons, stars and grapes, typical of the series of slots Sizzling Hot. The game does not have any unique options, but it is not necessary to fans of classic slots. However, the developers still made it possible to increase any payout in the gamble game in which players must guess the correct color of the card. Wrong choice deprives the win, but a successful outcome will double the payout does not fear risk players.

Everything new is well forgotten old, and slot Sizzling Hot Quattro is a vivid proof of that.

The game continues the famous series of video slots, offering players four times more opportunities for profitable games. Be sure to try this great machine with its twenty reels.