Slot machine Queen of Hearts (Queen Of Hearts) online

Queen Of Hearts

A direct route to the heart ladies consists of many compliments and romantic gifts You'll find on the images of the symbols of slot machines Queen Of Hearts! Perhaps a wonderful hostess of this game will become more favorable due to the floral bouquets, elegant rings or new luxury crown, alternately rotating the drums. The video slot has a classic slot symbols like card symbols and bonus awards, and game crazy monkey. The winning opportunities await players among the special combinations of symbols.

To understand that the main character drew his attention to You, it is possible by combinations of the symbols with her image. Three, four or five fair-haired lady with the simultaneous appearance will provide generous game bonuses (same prizes have slot machines bananas). This 8, 15, or 20 free spins of the reels. After each spin an extra help in winning may also have a Cupid. If You notice his presence, he will turn some symbols into additional wilds.

Cupid for a reason connected with wild symbols, as they are presented with the image of hearts and replace various characters to provide more opportunities to win. Slot machines Queen Of Hearts there is a small game after every successful round. There you can choose red or black color, which, in the opinion of the player, matches the color of the closed card. Having solved this riddle, You multiply the credits won by half or lose them in case of a wrong decision. This game is also called risk game, and she is represented in many video slots, for example, the game fruit cocktail.

Slightly above mentioned the gaming symbols, which you can use to please the Queen of Hearts. Gifts in the form of a ring or crown in various combinations will bring not only the joy of a great lucky lady charm, but also up to 500 credits to players. Flowers Corotleva Hearts assessed higher – up to 3000 coins, you can get flower combinations. But the most valuable symbol of this game is the wild symbol, made in the shape of a heart. It is the magical combination of the game (five of hearts), for which the slot machine Queen Of Hearts assigns a reward of 10,000 credits!

To learn how to conquer a girl's heart, a journey in the middle Ages is the best way. In those days, the knights really had a special talent and could easily win the attention and love of beautiful ladies. And to go back into the past simple on the slot machines Queen Of Hearts!

In this game is to teach You the art of seduction will be the Queen of Hearts is a beautiful blond girl, around which is built the plot of this video slot the online casino Azart Play.