Slot machines the Party (Crazy Party) - crazy night at the casino

Mad party

Online slot Crazy party offers to play on nine lines, installed on the five reels. As in the slot machine lucky lady's charm, in this game, replace the symbols with other images will be curvy girl. That's a pretty good chance to create more prize-winning combinations. That is, an attractive girl is a popular wild symbol of the slot machine, which more adorns a fiery party. The only symbol not replaced is the scatter symbol.

The bonus scatter symbols have special properties and are found in many online casino Azart Play (one example is the slot machines bananas to the Bahamas, where the scatter symbol is the suitcase). And to take advantage of additional bonus features in the game Crazy Party and raise the party to the next level, catch the image of the fan of the Queen of the party. Three fashionable guy, on the reels at the same time, trigger five free spins. This means that the game pocket will be wider from additional credits.

Free spins can get only with a special combination. But to double the winnings, each player can, if any winning combinations of symbols. Many this mini-game are already familiar about the game. crazymonkey. Voluntarily agreeing to this online game, you need to understand that there are not only opportunities to increase profit but also great risk of losing just earned amount. So the game is created for bold and risky players. And the rules are very simple: see the screen open card of the four hole you need to choose a card of greater rank.

After five cocktails to play the slot machine Crazy Party – a pleasure! And the reason is not the pleasant taste of beverages, while 5,000 credits, which will bring 5 images of laughing cocktail called Sambuca. By the way, is exactly the same the maximum prize you win slot machines the garage. As for other wins, almost all of the characters drinks quite well paid in this game. And only the glasses with champagne standing on the sidelines with maximal coefficient of only 10 credits. And the bonus symbols and does not have benefits, although it is offset by their special properties.

Slot machine Crazy Рarty is to remind older players of the times of violent youth, and the youth are close. The maximum bet per spin is $ 225. In the risk game you have the opportunity to double the winnings by opening the map over, rather than already open.

The combination of images of a club-goer with the inscription "Bonus" triggers five free spins (by the way, only this symbol is not replaced with wild symbols). And five images of cocktail that fell in all parts of the playing field, adds to your winnings five thousand conventional units.