Free slot machine Gnome (Dwarf) casino Azartlay


How to play the slot machine Dwarf

The gameplay, overall, is not different from other slot machines - the player buys credits or use the free virtual chips. The first thing, bet on all lines or those that consider it necessary. Slot Leprechaun will make You very good money. Typically, 2 out of 5 spins be a plus. The more lines you play, the more the total bet amount deducted from the account, however, this greatly increases the probability of matching the winning combinations and multiplies the total win amount. Further, by using the Start button You can start spinning the reels. Next, You will just have to follow the process of playing and enjoying the growing amount in Your account. Besides, you can play in auto mode.

Bonus game Gnom

The bonus game will be offered to You when you appear at the reels with a trolley of gold. The point of this game is to choose a lever, which you pull Dwarf. The trolley overturned and there may fall a precious stone. Ends the bonus game when the trolley poured the muck. For gem a player receives winnings in the second case, the bonus game ends. For each guessed the cart You will be able to win a little more than 500 loans. In the case that all five trolleys will be the prize, You can get a super-bonus and the amount obtained in the bonus game will increase in 50 times.

Game on doubling bets

If the bonus round occurs only when the trolleys, the doubling gets each time it turns out a winning spin. The point of this game is that you need to guess the card with higher value than the dealer.


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