Slot machines Bling (Bling Bling) - gems online

The bling

There just are no characters in this colorful and musical game. On the reels of the slot machine Bling Bling players will find stylish accessories decorated with lots of sparkling jewels, fashionable clothes for the stars of hip-hop, microphones, stylish retro cars. In addition, there are brass knuckles and guns, but a larger number of various weapons players will find in the gaming machine a resident, devoted to the military and also presented in the casino Azart Play.

The most lucrative symbols that players will find on the video slot, were just three different game symbol frames. In order to hit the jackpot, players need to catch the combination of five identical symbols with the stars of hip-hop. But even four or three consecutive symbols will be very generous with the budget. By the way, for real men, the casino the Excitement of the Play there is another amazing game – slot machines garage, equipped with decent payouts.

As a stunning design, bonus features video slot Bling Bling also not deprived. As in the slot machine bananas go bahamas, there's the scatter symbol is the image with the name of the slot machine. This symbol can appear in any part of the game screen, as long as they appeared immediately in the amount of at least three pieces. Then, besides the scatter payout, players will be awarded free spins of the reels. Video slot offers 10 Free Spins profitable.

And the main feature online slot Bling Bling has become a unique bonus game that is triggered by three or more symbols with the rapper in sunglasses. Players will go into the night to look for a ... girl of easy virtue. In the case of a successful choice of the girls, the players will not only win big, but a real Striptease! Play another original bonus round, players casino the Excitement of Play can slot machine crazy monkey – oneOh of the most fun and popular casino games.

Immerse yourself in the world of hip-hop with slot machine Bling Bling and feel like a real star, surrounded by elegant accessories and expensive cars. Chief guide and helper of the players in this game will be one of the most famous rappers Snoop Dogg.

And the blinding Shine of diamonds will create an appropriate mood for casino Excitement Play. Five reels, the makers of the Bling machine is equipped with fifteen paylines and lots of colorful characters, with very nice payouts.