Slot machine Hold it Casino – new from Novomatic

Most online slots are equipped with the same game mechanism, but there are exceptions that make the gaming experience more interesting. Slot machine Hold Casino It will definitely please fans latest innovations and original solutions in an online casino. The developers of this video slot machine has combined the classic elements of fruit machines and unusual prize functions into one, giving players a whole new experience and even more valuable twists and turns of the reels.

How to play the slot Hold it Casino

Instead of the usual five-reel slot machine Hold Casino it only got four. They are filled with very familiar symbols, such as plums, cherries, bells and some other images. To win, you need to catch a combination of three or more matching symbols. The game also features a wild symbol (the logo of the slot machine), with which winning combinations are formed often. In addition, the wild can pay for itself. As a traditional prize options the game has the gambling feature.

Bonus feature Hold It!

A special feature of the slot machine became an additional option Hold It! Its essence lies in the fact that the outcome of each spin of the reels which stopped the wild symbol will freeze in place, while as on the other reels will be a change of characters. Thus, players get a chance on the formation of new winning combinations.

Slot machine Hold Casino it is not just another tool to win at online casino. This new product highlights the original game engine, opening up new opportunities for an exciting and profitable game.

Hold it Casino deserves special attention due to unique bonus features. With the help of the players are provided with additional chances to create winning combinations.