Slot machine Haul of Hades – new from Novomatic

Since the launch reel slot machine Haul of Hades sends players into a very dark but very exciting journey in the realm of the dead ruled by Hades creepy. According to ancient myths, to return from the realm of the dead is impossible, but from the virtual world of Aida fans of big wins to go and do not want, because the game has all the inherent qualities of a modern and profitable slots, starting from the gorgeous graphics to valuable bonuses.

How to play the slot Haul of Hades

Haul of Hades has five traditional reels and different symbols depicting characters from Greek mythology and card images. On any of the reels during the game, unable to stop the giant special symbols, which take three vertical positions, so playing this slot machine would be especially interesting. The slots also include a gamble feature, the rules of which the player can double the winnings by correctly guessing the color of the closed card.

Free spins on the machine Haul of Hades

To start, seven free spins at the slot machine Haul of Hades, you will need to wait for the stop scatter symbols on the middle three reels. During free spins the cost of the stakes go to a casino, the machine sets the same bet, which worked in the previous spin.

Slot machine Haul of Hades invites you to try your luck in the realm of the dead, meet legendary characters of ancient Greek myths and get unforgettable gaming experience.

Haul of Hades include characters that can fill entire reels, option of free spins and other additional capabilities.