Slot machine Happy Jungle HD online

Happy Jungle HD

Discover all the beauty of the exotic jungle slot machine Happy Jungle HD! In contrast to these tropical forests, there are no dangers – only a company of funny animals to help you win again and again! Lovers of bonus rounds will also be satisfied with this game due to repeatedly launch free spins.

How to play the slot machine Happy Jungle HD

Slot machine Happy Jungle HD is inhabited by exotic animals and tropical fruits that will help you to play profitably. So, five images of a lion, will help to increase your bet 5000 times, and the symbol lemur is able to make paid combinations independently of its position on the reels.

Free spins on the slot machine Happy Jungle HD

Virtual jungle on the machine Happy Jungle HD would not be so fun without a couple of dozen spins. To spin the reels for free, wait until the fruit symbol on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th reels simultaneously, then help the monkey to get a hearty lunch. Here have some work to do, as the Goodies are hidden behind closed doors. In gratitude for the full life monkey fit of generosity not only to the special payments, but and 25 free spins.

Slot machine Happy Jungle HD opens doors in the heart of the tropical jungle. The game will appeal to fans of high-quality graphics and unusual bonus games.

Happy Jungle HD has a high payout ratio, as well as additional opportunities for profitable games such as scatters, wild symbols and bonus.