Slot machine Bingo Dynamite – new from Novomatic

Lately online bingo attracts more players, so Dynamite Bingo is a very important novelty. This is a fun game from Novomatic is designed in the format of online slot and allows you to receive payments on four cards. In addition to traditional payments, there is a possibility of winning the progressive jackpot, which can not but rejoice. Be sure to try to test their degree of luck in Dynamite Bingo, as this game promises a lot of fun and can be a valuable source of payments!

How to play the slot machine Dynamite Bingo

Players online bingo Bingo Dynamite can use one or multiple cards, which can reach four. Each of them contains 15 numbers randomly. Slot machine uses 90 balls, 30 of which become winning in the course of each game process. The more numbers will be involved in the cards, the more beneficial the payoff. Wins can also be awarded for certain combinations of numbers in the cards.

The bonus game Bingo Dynamite

In the game there are two most valuable combination called Bonus (must match numbers on the figure) and Bingo (must match all numbers). With one of them, the player will be able to participate in the bonus game, during which the detonation of the explosive cords are awarded a special prize payments. Another advantage of this apparatus is the opportunity to win a progressive jackpot. Its size increases with every staked bet. To win the jackpot, you should collect the maximum pattern with a maximum of 30 balls.

Novomatic company has pleased fans of online bingo Latin American variation of this game in the format of colorful machine Dynamite Bingo.

The game has a nice interface, an additional bonus game and a progressive jackpot!