Slot machine Columbus (Columbus) - bonus and gambling


The bonus game in the slot machine Columbus (Columbus) runs if the reels land three caravels. The loss of sailing is not necessarily on a winning line, a random arrangement of a squadron of Christopher Columbus it does not matter! See three sailing ship, then in a second information field there is an inscription on the readiness of the machine to ten free spins and to start just press on button "Start".

Risk-doubling game winning

Risky game to double the winnings runs more often, every fallout game. Play online gambling games just guessed - not guessed, at the minimum, the average, the risk game provides a 50 percent double wins though, good luck in the gamble game also means a lot! The doubling of the bet received a winning line occurs for the desire of casino visitors with the push of a button "Gamble", the aim of the game is to correctly guess the color game suit flipped up my shirt playing cards. Play on doubling until you make a mistake, then the profit is lost, and the gaming machine returns to normal game mode.

Slot machine Columbus is a well known and very popular slot game from Novomatic. This is not to forget a classic game for every day and for every mood of the player.

Ease of play and friendliness in winnings - the feature game in Columbus. Alternate wins with losses, not by the despoiling of account and allows you to enjoy the game as for money, the and free.