Slot machine Fellowship (Bratva) online


The bonus game of the slot machine Bratva

What are the symbols in this slot game trigger the bonus game? Not hard to guess that this image is impressive guys thuggish appearance - not for nothing, this slot is called "Fellowship!" Different slot combinations with the lads give a winning in the first place with Tillage (Thief). Playing with the thief on the increase in rates get up to 2000 credits. Junior in the hierarchy of thieves, man in white shirt with pent-up collar, aka "bandit" will give you up to 900 credits, the main thing – that chap was at least four, ideally five.

The bonus round is a Thief

To play in the prize game "Thief" need to learn how to throw on the reels at least four images of the thief with a cigarette in his mouth. In the "Rough work"the winning bet amount on a payline is increased 600 times, and in the "Pro" is 1000 times! If the spin yielded five thieves, you can take in the buildings gain in 1200 and 2000 times Your bet! Remember that money is only four buildings out of five, if we are lucky to get the jackpot in 4 buildings, then do not meddle in the fifth to lose money!

Slot machine Bratva created for sophisticated gambling. To remain without money stuffing his hand in bonus games, badly cracking the safes and selecting handbags with handcuffs is not fun. Favorite heroes of the film "Operation y" trained on "cats", and we - on the emulator slot Bratva.

When you feel the strength to compete in luck with the "thief" and "bandit", learn to throw out immediately, five "cops" to get the win in 10 000 times to increase the bet, and then play for money!