Slot machine Alcatraz (Alcatraz)


Demo version of the slot machine Alcatraz – perfect for everyone to play for free. In this mode, the interface is completely identical to a cash game: shackles, barred camera, a frugal lunch and stringent security – in short, everything that makes you feel like a prisoner in the famous prison of Alcatraz, but without the risky bets and losses. Every registered player can easily change demo mode on the actual game.

The bonus game of the slot machine Alcatraz

The bonus game on the online slot machine Alcatraz will please every player and are the "highlight" of the slot. In this mode, you can feel in the shoes of a fugitive criminal and to put all forces on the successful escape, because it hides a pretty big winnings! To activate the double bonus game will help the image of the prisoner, and to win the jackpot – intuition and some luck. Make your way through the tunnel before it again will fill with boulders, and make the right choice in the second stage of the bonus round, putting on the right barrel, is the key to the coveted victory!


Escape from the famous prison Alcatraz is devoted to the theme of the slot machine Alcatraz. If you are clever, resourceful and lucky player - feel free to choose this video slot and enjoy the online game.

Casino Azart Play is the free demo version of the game, so you can prepare a perfect escape plan and win money at the casino!